Ghana Compact II

MCC is working with the Government of Ghana (GoG) to define potential projects for the second compact, which will seek to address Ghana’s inadequate and unreliable power supply. MCC is also collaborating with other U.S. Government agencies in the energy sector through the Partnership for Growth initiative, which is intended to create the next generation of emerging markets through better coordination of USG objectives and resources.

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Milestones in Compact Development

Milestones in Compact Development
Milestone Date Description
Concept Paper Received November 2, 2012 The GoG has submitted detailed project proposals (Concept Papers) outlining proposed compact investments in four areas: 1) Increasing private sector investment through power sector reform, 2) Improved fiscal position of the Government of Ghana and strengthened electrical utility financial performance, 3) Power generation, and 4) Power distribution and utilization. MCC assessed the concept papers and provided feedback to the GoG and is now working with the GoG team to further develop projects.
Concept Note Received November 14, 2011 The GoG submitted a preliminary project proposal (Concept Note) to the MCC in November 2011 proposing to address Ghana's insufficient and unreliable supply of power through: (1) Improving the reliability of power; (2) Regulatory and institutional reform; and (3) Increasing power supply through private sector participation.
Constraints Analysis August 15, 2011 The GoG finalized its analysis of constraints to economic growth (Constraints Analysis) after holding a series of consultations with the private sector, civil society, and government stakeholders. The Constraints Analysis identified three constraints to growth: power, access to credit, and access to land.
Eligibility Notification January 5, 2011 Ghana was declared eligible for a second compact in January 2011.

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