Compact Implementation Guidance

Conditions Precedent Report Template

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Quarter1 Project/Activity2 Condition Precedent Status3 Documentation Required by MCC as Evidence for Verification4 Status of Required Verification5 Request for Deferral/Waiver and Justification
Program – Administrative
Program – M&E
Project 1
Activity 1
Activity 2

1. This column will display relevant Disbursement Period applicable to the MCC Disbursement Request.

2. Table will follow the projects and activities set forth in the Disbursement Agreement or PIA and list all the CPs for the Compact — both those that apply and those that do not apply for that period.

3. Indicate whether condition is “Satisfied,”, “Not Satisfied”, or “Not Applicable (N/A)” as of a specific date. “Partially Satisfied” is not acceptable as a status.

4. This column will list the specific documentation required for verification that CP has been “satisfied”, including the party responsible for providing documents and source of that documentation.

5. This column will indicate the status of the required verification documentation (i.e. “EMP approved by MCC in email dated April 15, 2006”)