MCC and PEPFAR partner to create local data hubs

World AIDS Day 2014

The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) $21.5 million partnership with the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) encourages greater data transparency and use in the global HIV/AIDS response. Under the framework of PEPFAR’s Country Health Partnerships, MCC and PEPFAR will create local data hubs to drive evidence-based decision-making. The hubs will help ensure sustainable results and improve return on investment for American tax dollars in achieving sustainable control of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and advancing other global health and economic development priorities. This partnership is another example of effective coordination among U.S. Government agencies to leverage individual strengths and experience to achieve shared goals.


Building on PEPFAR’s Dashboards, the local data hubs will engage stakeholders around the availability, accessibility and analysis of data, beginning with data related to HIV/AIDS, health economic development and their nexus.


The data hubs will have a local board drawn from partner country governments, the private sector and civil society. The hubs will comprise both a physical space for data analysts and other staff and virtual engagement among such stakeholders as donors, foundations, researchers, and NGOs.

Why MCC?

Over its 10-year history, MCC has developed extensive experience setting up multi-stakeholder, accountable and country-owned entities driven by the use of evidence and data. MCC is also a world leader in data transparency, ranking among the top three most transparent aid organizations in the world in Publish What You Fund’s 2014 Aid Transparency Index.

“[O]pen data and open knowledge are in and of themselves powerful forces for development. But it's not enough just to collect data and evidence. Rather, we need to turn them into tools for deeper engagement between citizens and their governments to promote greater learning and greater accountability.”

–MCC CEO Dana J. Hyde

Next Steps

MCC and PEPFAR will develop options for local data hubs and their locations during the first quarter of 2015.