MCC and PEPFAR Partner to Invest in Data Collaboratives for Local Impact

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) are partnering to invest $21.8 million in Country Data Collaboratives for Local Impact in sub-Saharan Africa that will use data on HIV/AIDS, global health, gender equality and economic growth to improve programs and policies. The program will be completed in collaboration with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

Country Data Collaboratives will improve existing data and make it more accessible, strengthen data analysis and visualization, enhance opportunities for citizen contribution to data, cultivate talent, and ensure mutual accountability when implementing development aid so we can make a sustainable difference.  

The Need for Data Collaboration to Further Development

Data in sub-Saharan Africa remains constrained, particularly at the sub-national level where capacity to use data to inform, drive and measure development is limited. To date, there has been little investment to enhance the capacity of district and county-level institutions and civil society to use data to inform policy and increase program impact. 

Data can spur collaboration among global, national, and sub-national stakeholders to achieve specific development targets, local impact and, most importantly, to improve lives. MCC and PEPFAR’s partnership on Country Data Collaboratives will, for example, support the DREAMS partnership, which has a multi-sector and data-driven approach. DREAMS is a PEPFAR partnership with the Bill and & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Nike Foundation to reduce new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women in targeted, high-burden geographic areas. The effort presents an opportunity to engage citizens, practitioners, and policymakers around a concrete and measurable local objective to demonstrate the power of harnessing the data revolution. 

Driving Participation and Innovation

This MCC-PEPFAR collaboration builds on robust consultation with country-based, regional and global stakeholders, including civil society and other donors, to coordinate areas of investment and complement efforts of other donors – such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, and CIVICUS – in their use of data for sustainable development.

Three million dollars of this commitment will be used to launch an innovation challenge that will identify and fund local and global technology partners, entrepreneurs, advocates, and regional collaborators who are best positioned to amplify our Country Data Collaboratives, accelerate their impact, and connect to broader efforts that advance the post-2015 development agenda – including the new Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

MCC’s Expertise in Data

Over our 11-year history, MCC has developed extensive experience setting up country-led programs inspired by data. MCC is a world leader in data transparency, ranking among the top three most transparent aid organizations in the world in Publish What You Fund’s 2014 Aid Transparency Index. 

MCC is committed to ensuring that the exponential pace of the data revolution enables more inclusive growth, innovation, and participation by communities that will benefit from development outcomes the most but currently have the least access to technology and data.

PEPFAR’s Expertise in Data

PEPFAR is using and sharing data in unprecedented ways for greater transparency, accountability, and impact. In an effort to do the right things in the right places, PEPFAR is using data to strategically target geographic areas and populations with the highest HIV burden to accelerate progress toward epidemic control.

PEPFAR is also opening its data through the PEPFAR Dashboards, enabling all to view, download and utilize PEPFAR data, to optimize program effectiveness and foster mutual accountability. PEPFAR is committed to putting data at the center of decision-making to achieve the greatest impact for investments and achieve an AIDS-free generation.