Memo of MCC's Cooperation with the Office of Inspector General

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From: Sean Cairncross, Chief Executive Officer

Subject: The Office of Inspector General’s Role in MCC Operations

As I have gotten to know the incredible staff here at MCC, I recognize and appreciate the passion
and professionalism each of you bring to our collective mission, and our shared commitment to
MCC’s CLEAR values. In advancing MCC’s mission, and in ensuring that we remain careful
stewards of taxpayer dollars, we work closely with a wide spectrum of partners and stakeholders.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is a key partner in this effort. The OIG plays a vital role
in promoting our programs’ and operations’ efficiency and effectiveness, and gives taxpayers
confidence their money is in good hands.

I have met with our Inspector General, Ann Calvaresi Barr, and we are committed to maintaining
and continuing to build a positive, professional, and cooperative working relationship between
MCC and the OIG. The following memo outlines the responsibilities of every Federal employee with
respect to the operations of the OIG

I am proud to be working with you to advance MCC’s mission. Thank you all for your dedication,
hard work, and commitment to excellence.