Compact Implementation Guidance

Narrative Report Guidance

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The Narrative Report (NR) is designed to provide information relevant to implementation progress, as it relates to the overall Disbursement Request (DR). The report should provide an overview of all aspects of compact implementation including program administration and project implementation.

Limited to five to eight pages in length, the Narrative Report briefly explains the significant factors behind the requested funding in the upcoming quarter. The report also presents the opportunity to provide a high-level explanation if the previous quarter’s disbursement and commitment projections were not met, and to explain any major deviations or changes to the implementation plans.

The narrative report should not duplicate information already available in contractor monthly and quarterly reports, nor should it report at sub-activity or contract level.

Template for Narrative Report

  1. Current Quarter Commitments and Expenditures
    The previous quarter’s Disbursement Request forecasted the following:

    1. Commitments (from DFP – Commitments): [insert total here]
    2. Cash Requirements (from DFP – Cash): [insert total here]

    In this section, summarize current quarter progress and significant achievements in making the commitments and expending cash as requested. Focus on any areas, by Project (and Activity if necessary), where performance significantly deviated from expectations (ex: Contractor submission of poor quality report resulted in Accountable Entity holding payment until revised report received, resulting in $400,000 in payments being postponed to the next quarter). Please focus on major critical path procurements and activities that were the primary reasons for deviation from expected performance. Please do not include financial details from the prior quarter, and avoid discussion of minor administrative or routine activities.

  2. Next Quarter Multi-Year Financial Plan and Work Plan
    This section should address any proposed significant changes to the current, approved Multi-Year Financial Plan (Schedule A of the QFR). This should include a short explanation, by Project and Activity impacted, as to why the change(s) is programmatically necessary.If there have been significant changes to the work plans, this section should briefly describe the changes and why they were necessary.
  3. Next Quarter Commitments and Expenditures
    The Disbursement Request sent to MCC for consideration forecasts the following:

    1. Commitments (from DFP – Commitments): [insert total here]
    2. Cash Requirements (from DFP – Cash): [insert total here]

    Summarize the significant activities to be undertaken in the next quarter with the requested funds:

    1. Project 1
    2. Project 2
    3. Monitoring and Evaluation
    4. Program Management and Oversight
  4. Indicator Tracking Table Notes
    A two to three sentence written explanation must be provided in this section of the Narrative Report after the end of each compact or threshold program year (i.e. in the QDRP for Quarters 6, 10 and 14), for any indicator where the annual target was missed by 10% or more. Accountable Entity may group indicators together and provide an explanation for the group of indicators, if for example, several indicators for a given activity are lagging the target for the same reason.