Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Shutdown Contingency Plan

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  • 1. See OMB Circular A-11, Section 124, Agency Operations in the Absence of Appropriations.
  • 2. MCC’s Public Sector Board Members will be covered by their agencies’ plans.  MCC will designate the private sector board members as excepted in the event the board is required to vote on a matter.
  • 3. The HR Managing Director will also be on-call for “excepted” HR activities (as established by OMB or OPM guidance), as well as for “start-up” activities when the lapse in appropriations is expected to end.
  • 4. MCC will consider all employees who are on official travel to be temporarily “excepted” for purposes of returning to their official duty station.
  • 5. In addition to the Overseas Administration Senior Program Officer, the Executive Assistant or other staff person designated/trained to send overseas cables will also be “excepted” for the brief and exclusive purpose of transmitting cables over the restricted State Department network (typically less than 4 hours).
  • 6. Dependent upon the timing of a potential shutdown, MCC may require additional “excepted” personnel to facilitate the agency’s planned move to its new headquarters location in Washington, DC.   While much of MCC’s move will be conducted through service agreements contracted and obligated in advance of the shutdown, staff engaged in the move would be required to oversee these efforts and ensure the protection of government property in the event the shutdown occurs at the time of the planned relocation.
  • 7. This number does not include staff that may be excepted to continue work on the previously funded MOU with the Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC) regarding the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).  Work on the PEPFAR MOU during a lapse in appropriations will be coordinated with OGAC.