MCC Guidance on Preparing the Procurement Plan and the Procurement Performance Report

This paper provides guidance to the MCA Entity on preparing the Procurement Plan (PP) and the Procurement Performance Report (PPR) in accordance with the applicable provisions of the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines (PPG), including the effective use of the MCC Management Information System (MIS). This Guidance provides links to online manuals that will help MCA and MCC staff input and retrieve data from the MIS Procurement Plan and Procurement Performance Report.  


The Procurement Plan and the Procurement Performance Report are required by MCC’s Program Procurement Guidelines, as described in P2.1 and P2.3.  The information in the Procurement Plan and the Procurement Performance Report is used for planning and implementation oversight that are realized through direct MCA data entry into the MCC Management Information System.

Submission Requirements

The MCA Entity must submit the Procurement Plan on a six-month cycle through the MCC MIS, with regular updates/modifications as needed (details below).  An approved Procurement Plan is required prior to beginning a Procurement Action.  Administrative purchases/expenses are not required as part of the Procurement Plan and should be conducted under the procedures set out for these processes.

The Procurement Performance Report, as part of the Quarterly Disbursement Reporting Package, is a required quarterly submission in the MCC MIS.  Only Procurement Actions estimated or awarded for an amount of $25,000 or more must be reported in the PPR.

Report Guidance

To access the Procurement Plan, follow the training instructions stored here. Scroll to the Procurement Training Manuals on the left-hand side of the screen and select How to Create a Procurement Plan.

The step by step instructions will help users navigate to the Procurement Plan section of the application where they may create and view Procurement Items. Once it has been selected, the Procurement Plan section will display automatically only items with a status of “Planned,” “Approved,” and “Submitted for Approval.”  The data in each column in the Procurement Plan table may be filtered and sorted.  Users will select from the drop down boxes in the column headings to filter the procurement items and use the sorting arrows in the column headings.

Click here to review instructions on How to Create a Procurement Item. Scroll to the Procurement Training Manuals on the left-hand side of the screen and select How to Create a Procurement Item.

To create an item, users will select the “Create New Item” button on the Procurement Plan screen and fill in the fields of the pop-out box.  After all the fields have been filled with the requested information for the planned procurement, users will “Save” the data.  MCA users will update the Procurement Item data as often as it is necessary prior to submitting the Procurement Plan for MCC review. It is important to note that the MCAs can store in the system Procurement Items that are not ready for MCC approval; the MCC will not view these items until the MCA has decided they are ready for MCC approval. 

Click here to review instructions on How to Amend MCC Approved Procurement Items.  The MIS allows users to amend the items that have been previously approved by MCC.  Users will navigate to the “Approved” section of the Procurement Plan items and select the “Amend Item” option. After the item has been amended, the status will automatically revert to “Planned,” and the Amended Item will have to be resubmitted to MCC for review and approval.  It is important to note that the MIS will store the original item’s details and the amendment history.

The Procurement Plan section allows users to deactivate approved items and items that have been submitted for approval.  Users will deactivate items if there are no longer plans to procure those goods, works or services.  MCAs should deactivate items that are no longer required no later than 18 months after their original approval.  After an item has been deactivated, the MIS will change the status of the item to “Inactive.”

From the Procurement Plan screen, users can access the Procurement Performance Report (PPR) by clicking on the “MCA Procurements” menu to select the PPR from the drop-down menu.  In the PPR section, users will be able to view and edit Procurement Actions. All the PPR Actions are stored at this location and may be viewed at all times. By default, only Actions with a status of “Procurement Phase” and “Contract Open” will appear automatically.  All the data in the PPR table may be filtered and sorted by using the drop down boxes or the sorting arrows in the column headings.

Click here to review instructions on How to Create and Update a Procurement Action. The MIS allows users to create Procurement Actions associated with MCC approved Procurement Items. Once an Action has been created, it will appear in the PPR. Users will locate the approved Procurement Plan Item that requires an associated Procurement Action. The system will display all the available fields for a Procurement Action, and users will fill in the data associated with those fields. Procurement Action fields are linked to the Procurement Performance Report; a pop up box displays the PPR data entry rules that will inform the user to fill in the required data.  Users are able to navigate to the PPR section after they have populated all the fields. To add a material modification to a Procurement Action, users will select the “Edit” button in the Procurement Action’s row on the PPR table.  The system will capture all the modifications associated with a Procurement Action.  For contracts meeting the threshold requirements (consultant services contracts above USD 200,000 and works contracts above USD 5 million), users shall also add a Contractor Past Performance Report (CPPR) file when they edit a Procurement Action.  Procurement Actions may be created or updated as often as necessary in the system.  Users are encouraged to update information in the PPR throughout the quarter and submit for MCC review on the required submission date.

The MCAs will forecast the procurement needs and submit the Procurement Items for MCC review.   Amendments to the PP may be submitted as needed throughout the six-month period.  Click here to review the steps on How to Prepare the Procurement Plan and the PPR Submission

To prepare Procurement Plan Items and Amended Items for MCC approval, the status of the Item must be “Planned.”  After the status of the Items has been changed to “Submitted for Approval,” users may submit the Procurement Plan or PPR for MCC review.  It is important to note that users will submit the Procurement Plan for MCC approval from the Dashboard Screen 1 that offers the options to “Submit for Tech Review” (meaning informal or draft review) or “Submit for No Objection.”  This second option is the selection that allows MCC to approve the Plan in the system. 

Once the MCA has updated all the Procurement Actions for the relevant reporting period, the user may prepare the PPR for submission by navigating to the PPR section from the Dashboard Screen.  The PPR will be submitted for MCC review only when all the Quarterly Disbursement Reporting Package (QDRP) reports are ready for submission.

Data Entry Tips


  • Any deviation should follow the Review and Approval process described in the Program Procurement Guidelines (P7.2.3.).

Procurement Information

  • The Procurement Item will be identified by an ID that is automatically generated by the MIS and by an ID that is generated by the MCA.  (MCA ID’s are optional)
  • The Procurement Action is also identified by an ID that is automatically generated by the MIS and by an ID that is generated by the MCA.
  • The estimated value of the contract should be indicated in US dollars by converting the foreign currency amount into dollars at the forex rate at the time of contract award.
  • In case of multiple companies associated with a Procurement Item, MCA users will indicate the nationality of the principal partner in the group, if this is possible (there is no longer an option for ‘multiple’ nationalities).

MIS System Definitions

  • Procurement Item:  A planned procurement that has not yet begun or been advertised.  Procurement Items appear only on the Procurement Plan within the MIS system.
  • Procurement Action: A procurement process that has begun.  An Action will show up on the PPR as soon as it is associated with one of the Items in the Plan. More than one Procurement Action may be associated with a single Procurement Item (for instance, in the case of multiple lots or IDIQ/BPA contracting methods).   However, each Procurement Action (line item in the PPR) represents a single contract. 
Procurement Plan Status Options Meaning
Planned A Procurement Item the MCA is planned for the future but has not yet been submitted for MCC’s approval.
Submitted for Approval A Procurement Item with pending approval from MCC.
Approved MCC has approved the Procurement Item.  MCA is authorized to start the procurement process.
Procurement Phase Procurement process is underway (this will mirror the PPR Action status for this category).
Inactive A Procurement Item was planned and/or approved but is no longer considered a needed good/work/or service by the MCA.  (This status serves to remove the Procurement Item from the list of active or approved items).


PPR Status Options Meaning
Procurement Phase Procurement process is still underway.  Contract has not yet been signed.
Contract Open Contract is open with work ongoing.  This may also include contracts that are temporarily suspended.
Contract Closed All work under the contract has been completed and associated payments have been made. Contract close-out form and files are complete.
Contract Cancelled Procurement process was cancelled prior to the award of a contract.
Contract Terminated Contract was terminated (by either party) earlier than specified under the original terms.
Contract Transferred Contract was assigned to another entity, non-MCA.  (It usually occurs at the end of a Compact).
  • 1. Dashboard is the second tab on the MIS Home Page: Home / Dashboard / Fiscal / MCA Procurements / Monitoring & Evaluation / Reports.