MCC Management Response to “Health Project Final Evaluation Report in Mongolia"

Pim de Graaf, June 2014

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MCC welcomes this report. MCC Management has analyzed its findings and recommendations, as well as the limitations identified by the evaluators. MCC Management recognizes the efforts undertaken by Dr. Pim de Graaf to understand all the activities in the complex and geographically diverse Health Project in Mongolia.

MCC notes the Stroke and Cardiac Unit at State Hospital N.3 was operational by the Compact End Date. Additionally, the technical training for the newly installed equipment at State Hospital N.3 was funded both by the Compact and by the World Health Organization (WHO). All related technical trainings of Hospital N.3 staff after the Compact End Date (September 17, 2013) were funded by WHO’s portion of the cost-share arrangement covering the application trainings conducted by the suppliers and WHO. MCC recognizes that this discrepancy between what actually happened and what was documented in Dr. de Graaf’s report presents a need for a more clear delineation of the cost-shared funds for the relevant trainings, which MCC will take into consideration for future cost-share arrangements.

Taken with other evaluations in this sector, the findings are an important source of learning for MCC. MCC will use these findings to inform its on-going and future sector and evaluation work.