Armenia Compact

Projected Long Term Results
Project Estimated Beneficiaries Estimated Benefits
Rural Road Rehabilitation Project 6,356 $10,000,000
Irrigated Agriculture Project 421,407 $434,000,000

The above estimates are based in the best, currently available, information and may be updated if new, reliable, data are available.

The total beneficiary count for the Compact may not be the sum of the different project beneficiary counts because of overlaps between Projects. In other words, some beneficiaries benefit from more than one project but are counted only once in the total beneficiary count.

Total benefits expected from each project are obtained from the ERR analysis MCC conducts during due diligence. Beneficiary counts, although consistent with benefit streams identified in the economic analysis, are not necessarily derived from these models (which are concerned with costs and benefits rather than beneficiaries). MCC estimates and reports expected beneficiaries when sufficiently reliable data exists to support the estimation. If such evidence is lacking, no estimation is attempted, resulting in an underestimation of projected beneficiaries for the Compact. Calculating the amount of benefit per beneficiary would therefore give an overestimation and can be misleading.

Project Objectives
Project Objective
Rural Road Rehabilitation Project

Provide better access to economic and social infrastructure through:

  • Upgrades and rehabilitation of rural roads;
  • Audits of ongoing roads maintenance, and
  • Strategic plans for future road maintenance.
Irrigated Agriculture Project

Increase agricultural productivity and improve the quality of irrigation through:

  • Rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure, including main canals, gravity schemes, pumping stations, and tertiary canals;
  • Strengthening management capacity of local and national water supply entities, and
  • Technical and rural credit assistance to farmers.

Projected Results by End of Compact

The Armenia Compact is expected to generate the following results by the end of the Compact in September 2011:

  • Rural poverty rate is projected to fall by 3 percentage points as a result of the Program;
  • Income from agriculture in rural areas is projected to increase by 5%, and
  • Farmers are expected to shift from low-value crops to high value crops as a result of improvements in irrigation supply, training and credit.

Results to Date

Information on results to date is available in the Table of Key Performance Indicators (a subset of the full set monitored under the Armenia Monitoring and Evaluation Plan). The full set of performance indicators is detailed in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Impact Evaluation Framework

In addition to careful monitoring of implementation performance and measurement of preliminary results, MCC is funding independent evaluations that will assess what would have happened in the absence of the MCC investments and measure the gains in incomes that can be attributed specifically to MCC-funded activities. Read more about the evaluations of the road rehabilitation and Water-to-Market activities. More information is available in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.