Ghana Compact

Projected Results by End of Compact

The Ghana Compact aims to achieve the results below by the end of the compact in 2012:

  • Increase the productivity of land in the Afram, Northern and Southern intervention zones by 12%, 12% and 25% respectively;
  • Achieve a 67% reduction in travel time at peak hour on the N1 Highway;
  • Complete construction of 14 km of the N1 highway, 75 km of trunk roads and 357 km of feeder roads;
  • Construct or rehabilitate 288 school blocks with over 47,000 children enrolled, and
  • Construct or rehabilitate 350 boreholes, wells or non-conventional water systems affecting over 120,000 people.

Results to Date

Information on results to date is available in the Table of Key Performance Indicators (a subset of the full set monitored under the Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation Plan). The full set of performance indicators is detailed in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Impact Evaluation Framework

In addition to careful monitoring of implementation performance and measurement of preliminary results, MCC will be funding several independent evaluations that will assess what would have happened in the absence of the MCC investments and measure the gains in income that can be attributed specifically to MCC-funded activities. More information is available in the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Projected Long Term Results by Project

Projected Long Term Results by Project
Project Estimated Beneficiaries Estimated Benefits
Rural Development Project

Strengthen rural institutions that provide services complementary to, and supportive of, agricultural and agri-business by:

  • Supporting the development of procurement professionals;
  • Reinforcing the capabilities of government to procure goods and services;
  • Enhancing the sustainability of the Agriculture Project by providing the necessary infrastructure to improve health of communities, to enhance skill development through access to education, and to facilitate small-scale post-harvest processing of agricultural products, and
  • Strengthening rural financial services and improving the national payments systems to serve people currently not served or under-served.
356,296 $74,000,000
Transportation Project

Reduce transportation costs affecting agricultural commerce at sub-regional and regional levels through:

  • Reducing the bottleneck in accessing the International Airport and the Port of Tema;
  • Supporting an expansion of Ghana’s SCHEDULE 2-2 export-directed horticulture base beyond current production;
  • Facilitating the growth of agriculture and access to social services, and
  • Facilitating growth of the agricultural sector of the Afram Basin Zone
314,369 $321,000,000
Agriculture Project

Increase profitability of cultivation, services to agriculture & product handling in support of the expansion of commercial agriculture among groups of small holder farms enhanced by:

  • Accelerating the development of commercial skills and capacity among FBOs and their business partners;
  • Improving tenure security for existing land users and facilitate access to land for commercial crops;
  • Establishing a limited number of water retention devices requested by the FBOs and FBO partnerships;
  • Facilitating strategic investments by FBOs in post-harvest infrastructure improvements;
  • Building the capacity of the public sector to introduce and monitor compliance with international plant protection standards;
  • Augmenting the supply of, and access to, credit provided by financial institutions operating in the intervention zones, and
  • Increasing access to major domestic and international markets, and to facilitate transportation linkages from rural areas to social service networks.
878,121 $294,000,000