Liberia Compact Monitoring & Evaluation

Projected Results by End of Compact

The Liberia Compact aims to achieve the results below by the end of the compact in January 2021:

  • Increase the amount of electricity generated in Liberia, facilitate a decrease in the overall electricity tariff, and contribute to increased reliability and adequacy of electricity in Liberia.
  • Strengthen road infrastructure by improving the planning for and the execution of routine, periodic and emergency road maintenance and contributing up to $15 million dollars of matched funds for periodic maintenance on primary paved and unpaved roads.

Results to Date

Information on results to date is available in the Table of Key Performance Indicators (a subset of the full set monitored under the Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation Plan). The full set of performance indicators is detailed in theĀ Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Impact Evaluation Framework

In addition to careful monitoring of implementation performance and measurement of preliminary results, MCC will be funding several independent evaluations that will assess the results of the MCC-funded activities. More information also is available in theĀ Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

Projected Long Term Results by Project

Projected Long Term Results by Project
Project Estimated Beneficiaries Estimated Benefits
Energy Project

To provide access to more reliable and affordable electricity.


Over the next 20 years


Estimate excludes water pipeline costs and benefits

Roads Project

To improve the planning and execution of routine, periodic and emergency road maintenance.

TBD - Beneficiaries will be users of roads impacted by the maintenance plan along with villages/markets on said roads. TBD