Moldova Compact Monitoring & Evaluation

Projected Results by End of Compact

The Moldova Compact aims to achieve the results below by the end of the compact in September 2015:

  • The Transition to High Value Agriculture Project will entail an economic rate of return of approximately 12.7 percent, and increase the incomes of approximately 32,000 households (or approximately 124,000 individuals), with an average total benefit over 20 years equal to 170 percent of the beneficiaries’ current annual income.
  • The Road Rehabilitation Project will have an economic rate of return of approximately 19 percent and benefit a population of approximately 78,000 households (or approximately 302,000 beneficiaries), over the next 20 years.

Results to Date

Information on results to date is available in the Table of Key Performance Indicators. The full set of performance indicators is detailed in the final Compact Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. The Post-Compact Monitoring and Evaluation Plan includes a smaller subset of indicators that MCC requires partner countries to report as the Compact closes.

Impact Evaluation Framework

In addition to careful monitoring of implementation performance and measurement of preliminary results, MCC may fund several independent evaluations to assess what would have happened in the absence of the MCC investments and measure impacts that can be attributed specifically to MCC-funded activities.  More information will be available in the Post- Compact Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and on MCC’s Impact Evaluation web site.

Projected Long Term Results

Projected Long Term Results
Timeframe Estimated Beneficiaries Estimated Benefits
At the time of signing 414,000

MCC considers beneficiaries of projects to be those individuals who realize improved standards of living, primarily through higher incomes, as a result of economic gains generated by MCC-funded projects.


“Estimated Net Benefits” is the sum of all projected net benefits accruing over the life of the project, typically 20 years, evaluated at a 10% discount rate. Estimates are reported in millions of US dollars in the year that the ERR analysis was completed.

Projected Long Term Results by Project

Projected Long Term Results by Project
Project Estimated Beneficiaries Estimated Benefits