Uganda Threshold Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Program Achievements

Under the procurement component an e-governance tool was established in the Register of Providers to serve as a safeguard against corruption within the procurement sector. The most significant progress under the program was in component two on anti-corruption initiatives. Uganda developed a bargaining procedure to help clear a case backlog and encourage lower level criminal offenders to to cooperate against culpable co-conspirators in exchange for a sentence reduction.  The revised Anti-Corruption Act was approved by the President. 

Training of police, investigators and prosecutors on witness and trial advocacy skills helped Uganda strengthen its rate of prosecutions.  The more accomplished course participants were further trained and mentored into a cadre of instructors capable of teaching these skills within their respective institutions.  After completing this training, fraud prosecutors achieved and maintained a 100% conviction rate in their trials in the Anti-Corruption Division of the High Court of Uganda.  However, some anti-corruption successes, such as the Global Fund convictions, have been undermined by the ease of appeals.

How MCC Tracks Progress

MCC emphasizes both achieving and measuring results in its threshold programs. During program development and implementation, MCC worked closely with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, who coordinated program design on behalf of the Government of Uganda, and with USAID, MCC’s on-the-ground representative.  Both USAID and the government contributed to establishing program milestones and refining program indicators for the Uganda threshold program.  

Threshold program indicators were tracked quarterly in a Results Reporting Table that reported progress over each quarter compared to the baseline and program targets.

Final Implementation Reports

After the threshold program ended, USAID provided MCC a final report based on information provided by implementers and USAID program managers.