Lesotho Proposed Compact

Lesotho has been selected to develop a second compact with funding from MCC. The objective of the compact is to unlock equitable and sustainable economic growth in partnership with the private sector by loosening key constraints. Initial analyses identified four areas of potential investment: health, job skills, land, and the regulatory environment.

Intensifying these constraints to growth is the government’s inability to efficiently use its resources to coordinate and deliver high-quality services and results that align with national strategic goals.

Milestones in Compact Development

Milestones in Compact Development
Milestone Date Description
Eligibility Notification December 19, 2017

MCC Board reselects Lesotho to continue developing a compact.

Constraints Analysis January 27, 2015

The Lesotho Millennium Development Agency (LMDA) completed analyses of constraints to growth, investment opportunities, and social and gender inclusion in Lesotho. The findings were validated through nationwide consultations with over 200 civil society, private sector, donors, and government stakeholders.

Eligibility Notification December 11, 2014

MCC Board of Directors reselected Lesotho as eligible to continue developing a second compact.

Eligibility Notification December 10, 2013

MCC Board of Directors selected Lesotho as eligible to develop a second compact.

As of August 29, 2017