MCC and Namibia worked together to promote natural conservation and ecotourism to help communities create jobs, attract investment and fight poverty. The partnership created the hope of economic prosperity for Namibia's future.


Tourism brings change to Namibian conservancy

MCC’s Tourism Project is helping improve life on the #Khoadi//Hoas conservancy in northern Namibia. Listen to the conservancy manager describe how the community is drawing outside investment to create jobs and income for its residents.Watch

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Welcoming visitors and planning for college in northern Namibia

Residents of the Ehi-Rovipuka Conservancy in northern Namibia expect a new lodge will be draw tourists and become a source of jobs and income. For one resident, that means a brighter future for his children. Read

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About data, and why MCC is so good at it

For MCC, transparency is a high priority. By creating a more streamlined process for producing its data, the agency’s partner country governments can plan the best use of their resources, and their people can better hold their governments accountable. Read

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The 2014 Aid Transparency Index: Is the donor community falling short on transparency?

MCC values transparency, and we spent the last year making careful improvements to our IATI data. While the efforts of others may fall short, we will continue to help drive the broader agenda for transparency. Read

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MCC at ten: ten years of reducing poverty

At this decade milestone, celebrate the progress and explore the evidence of how MCC is improving the lives of the world’s poor by reducing poverty through economic growth.

Calendar of Events

  • September 19, 2014

    Quarterly Public Town Hall Meeting

    MCC will hold a town hall meeting. Topics of discussion will include overview of the September Board of Directors meeting, MCC's FY 2015 Selection Criteria and Methodology Report, regional approaches and compact operations.This event is open to the public.
  • September 17, 2014

    Board of Directors Meeting, September 2014

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation's nine-member Board of Directors will hold its quarterly meeting to discuss the FY 2015 Selection Criteria and Methodology Report, regional approaches and compact operations. This event is closed to the public.
  • August 5, 2014

    Ghana Compact Signing Ceremony

    MCC and the Republic of Ghana will sign a five-year compact for up to $498.2 million that will transform Ghana's power sector and potentially catalyze billions of dollars in private investment.

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MCC supports the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty and hunger, strengthen access to education and improve health by emphasizing good governance and the prioritization of investments toward sustainable economic growth.