Corporate Officers
Name Title
Jonathan NashChief Operating Officer
Jeanne M. HauchVice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Cynthia Huger Vice President, Department of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Karen SessionsVice President, Congressional and Public Affairs
Thomas KellyActing Vice President, Department of Policy and Evaluation
Kyeh KimActing Vice President, Department of Compact Operations
Jonathan BrooksActing Chief of Staff
Senior Staff
Name Title
Jonathan BloomCounselor to the Chief Executive Officer
Thomas G. HohenthanerDeputy Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
Bryan MabryDeputy Vice President, Department of Administration and Finance
Alice McNutt MillerChief Risk Officer
Leslie O’ShaughnessyDeputy Vice President, Public Affairs
Jonathan RichartDeputy Vice President, Infrastructure, Environment and Private Sector
Lona StollDeputy Vice President for Sector Operations
Mark SundbergDeputy Vice President and Chief Economist
Caroline T. NguyenActing Deputy Vice President, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Latin America
Jennifer BelairManaging Director, Congressional and External Affairs
Adam BethonDeputy Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, Financial Management Division
Brian CorryManaging Director, Contracts and Grants Management
Douglas FairfieldManaging Director, Domestic and International Security
James A. GerardManaging Director, Threshold Program
Brandon GuzzoneManaging Director, Human Resources
Heather HansonManaging Director, Infrastructure, Environment and Private Sector
Amanda JenningsManaging Director, Portfolio Administration
Tina NeumannManaging Director, Administrative Services
Katerina NtepManaging Director, Sector Operations
Theresa K. OsborneDeputy Chief Economist and Managing Director for Economic Analysis
Agnieszka RawaManaging Director, Data Collaboratives for Local Impact, MCC
Alicia Robinson-MorganManaging Director, Africa
Jason A. SmallManaging Director, Africa
Dan BarnesManaging Director, Selection and Eligibility
Berta HeybeyManaging Director, Monitoring and Evaluation
Christopher IceActing Chief Information Officer