Corporate Officers
Name Title
Dana J. Hyde Chief Executive Officer
Nancy Lee Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Parita Shah Chief of Staff
Kamran M. Khan Vice President, Department of Compact Operations
Beth Tritter Vice President, Department of Policy and Evaluation
Paul Weinberger Vice President, Department of Congressional and Public Affairs
Thomas G. Hohenthaner Acting Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Senior Staff
Name Title
Kyeh Kim Principal Deputy Vice President, Department of Compact Operations
Alice McNutt Miller Chief Risk Officer
Lorelle Atkinson Deputy Vice President, Public Affairs
Mahmoud Bah Deputy Vice President, Department of Administration and Finance, and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
James R. Blades Deputy Vice President, Contracts and Administration
Jonathan Bloom Deputy Vice President, Africa
Cindy Y. Huang Deputy Vice President for Sector Operations
Thomas Kelly Deputy Vice President, Policy and Evaluation
James Mazzarella Deputy Vice President, Congressional Affairs
Jonathan Nash Deputy Vice President, Infrastructure, Environment and Private Sector Division
Fatema Z. Sumar Regional Deputy Vice President, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America
Sixto Aquino Managing Director, Monitoring and Evaluation
Jonathan Brooks Managing Director, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Latin America
James A. Gerard Managing Director, Threshold Program
Antonio Guzmán Managing Director for Human Resources
Melissa D. Ho Managing Director, Africa
Chris Maloney Managing Director, Selection and Eligibility
Katerina Ntep Managing Director, Operations Division
Agnieszka Rawa Managing Director, MCC-PEPFAR Partnership
Jason A. Small Managing Director, Africa