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Preston Winter

Program Procurement Director, Department of Compact Operations

Mr. Winter serves as the MCC procurement director for the Compact programs in El Salvador, Guatemala, Georgia, Senegal, and Ghana.  He advises teams on complex procurement processes for goods, works and consulting services and performs procurement reviews and internal audits, ensuring principles of competition, fairness and transparency. Preston also manages procurement-related data for MCC and works with the procurement team in developing, refining, and implementing MCC’s procurement policies.

Preston has served MCC for 13 years, beginning with work on the early Ghana and Mozambique compacts.  Prior to serving in his current position, Preston was a Program Officer for Fiscal Accountability, and subsequently Acting Deputy Resident Director for El Salvador’s first compact.  Before joining MCC, Preston had experience living and working in Chile and also conducted market research in microfinance in Rwanda.

Mr. Winter received his B.A. in International Relations from Wheaton College (IL) and completed his Masters in International Development from American University in May 2005. He speaks fluent Spanish and intermediate French.