• Q&A with MCC Resident Country Director for Niger Kristin Penn: Bolstering Niger’s Agricultural Sector

    MCC Resident Country Director for Niger Kristin Penn examines a cowpea plant in Niamey. In July 2016, MCC and Niger signed a $437 million compact to bolster the country’s agricultural sector, in part, by increasing the regional competitiveness of cowpea and other key agricultural commodities. Photo credit: U.S. Embassy in Niger

    In July 2016, MCC signed a $437 million compact with the Government of Niger to improve access to water for agriculture and livestock and expand access to markets. Read a Q&A with MCC Resident Country Director for Niger Kristin Penn.

  • Empowering Cabo Verde to Better Deliver Water and Sanitation to Its People

    As part of the MCC-Cabo Verde Compact signed in 2012, MCC is supporting the Government of Cabo Verde in bringing a wastewater plant on the island of Sal online and strengthening the water and sanitation sector to better serve its people.

  • Powering Business Growth in Benin

    Madame Awahou Codjo is a small business owner in Cotonou who benefitted from MCC’s 2006 investments in Benin. Now, she stands to benefit from MCC’s $375 million Benin Power Compact.

  • Q&A with MCC Acting CEO Jonathan Nash

    In January 2017, Jonathan Nash was appointed Acting Chief Executive Officer of MCC. In this interview, Nash talks about his more than 20 years of experience in international development, including more than 10 years at MCC.

  • Women Plumbers Aid Jordan’s Water Conservation Effort

    Ra’eda and her colleagues, trained as plumbers as part of the MCC-Jordan Compact, are challenging attitudes about women’s professions in Jordan and aiding the country’s water conservation efforts, which are creating new opportunities for economic growth.

  • Mobilizing Private-Sector Investment to Transform Jordan’s Water System

    MCC’s investment helped the Jordanian Government finance the expansion of the nation’s largest wastewater treatment plant, catalyzing private-sector investment and supporting the government’s ability to provide a much-needed service to its growing population.

  • Exit Interview with Dana J. Hyde

    During the closing days of the Obama Administration, ONE’s Ian Koski spoke with MCC’s now-former Chief Executive Officer Dana J. Hyde about her time at the agency and why working to reduce global poverty supports U.S. national interests.

  • Seven Lessons Learned from Launching Our First Gender Data Competition

    Last year, MCC and partners launched TechMousso, a first-of-its-kind open gender data competition held in Côte d’Ivoire. Here are some valuable takeaways from our experience to inform future data competitions.

  • Gender Data Solutions Go Local: Six Innovative Projects from Côte d’Ivoire

    The TechMousso competition — launched by MCC, Data2X, the World Wide Web Foundation and local partners in Côte d’Ivoire — is a promising example of how empowering communities to use gender data can improve the welfare of and expand opportunities for women.

  • Notes from the Field: Promoting Child Health in Indonesia

    More than 8 million children in Indonesia suffer from stunted growth. MCC is investing $134.2 million to reduce stunting in 11 of Indonesia's 34 provinces with integrated sanitation, maternal and child health, and nutrition interventions.