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Witnessing a historic launch

April 4, 2014


Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton headlines the launch of the U.S. Global Development Lab.

Today, I joined USAID Administrator Raj Shah in New York City for the historic launch of the U.S. Global Development Lab, an event that featured Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State and previous chair of MCC’s Board of Directors, and development practitioners from across the nongovernmental community and private sector. I was struck by the gathering’s energy, optimism and palpable momentum toward ending extreme poverty.

Guided by a spirit of true partnership and innovation, the Lab, powered by USAID, will be a meeting place for great thinking and bold action in applying science and technology to solving the world’s most pressing development challenges. Its ambitions carry the enormous hope of improving the lives of the world’s poor in meaningful ways. I was especially moved by former Secretary Clinton’s thoughts on how exciting this work is and how, because of it, we have extraordinary stories of impact to tell, new markets to create and compassionate ways of living our American values as we partner to save, touch and change lives.

By collaborating with colleagues both across the U.S. Government and well beyond it, MCC has much to offer this new initiative. By sharing our data and evidence, scaling up successes—including by changing laws and regulations that block innovation and investments—and supporting projects where science and technology add value, MCC will be contributing our best to the Lab’s best.

The launch we celebrate today is, however, just the beginning. By working together, we can maximize efficiencies, elevate a model for learning and deliver impressive impact toward our goal of ending global poverty. The resolve now to turn the Lab’s promise into the reality of real opportunities for the world’s poor will define success moving forward. MCC is ready to do our part to deliver on that promise.