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How You Can Make a Difference: Lessons from the USGLC Summit

June 29, 2015

I participated in a panel at the USGLC 2015 State Leaders Summit earlier this month and my friend Liz Schrayer asked the panelists to share a personal story that captured how America is making a difference around the world. David Beckmann, a Lutheran pastor and an economist who heads the organization Bread for the World, gave a wonderful account of the days leading up to MCC’s founding, and I wanted to pass it along. 

It’s a fun inside story about the origins of MCC, but it’s also a powerful lesson about how you can make a difference in U.S. foreign relations. So take a look, and hear how Connie Wick, a constituent who was living at the Robin Run Village retirement community in Indianapolis, helped rally support in Congress for MCC.