• MCC and PEPFAR—Creating Data Ambassadors to End HIV/AIDS and Foster Economic Empowerment

    MCC and PEPFAR are working together to end HIV/AIDS by harnessing the power of data.

  • My conversation with Congress

    Appearing before the committee provided a chance to highlight MCC’s model, mission and results, and our place in the U.S. Government’s wider foreign assistance efforts not only to Congress, but also to the American people.

  • An electrifying day in Zanzibar

    MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes attends a compact completion event in Zanzibar, marking the installation of a cable that brings reliable electricity to the island's homes and businesses.

  • Resettlement done well

    A Zanzibari imam initially opposed the removal of his mosque—until he learned MCC's approach to resettlement. "When I heard what they wanted to do and how they would treat us, it changed my mind," he said.

  • Children of Morogoro

    Just out of school on a warm day, these boys take a rest under the shade of an old tree in Morogoro, Tanzania. They sit atop part of the dilapidated Mambogo water treatment plant from which their drinking water flows.

  • Aid Effectiveness' Debt to Africa

    African countries have been at the forefront of the movement to make development aid more effective.

  • Two U.S. Companies Leverage Best Practices to Ensure Capacity and Sustainability in Tanzania

    Two American companies, Symbion Power and Pike Electric, competed for and won a significant portion of the Tanzania Compact’s $206 million energy portfolio

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