• Celebrations in Mozambique: It's not just about the goods

    Mozambicans took to the streets to celebrate the results of MCC's $507 million compact with Mozambique. The compact's four infrastructure projects represent the promise of economic growth brought about by a strong country partnership.

  • The Nacala Dam: delivering more water to a rapidly expanding area of Mozambique

    In Nacala and the surrounding area, access to reliable, clean water is hard, making economic growth even harder. The MCC-funded rehabilitation and expansion of the Nacala Dam is a project where the value of stakeholder input is evident.

  • Ensuring continued success in fight to save coconuts

    In Mozambique, MCC is working to reduce the prevalence and impact of Coconut Lethal Yellowing Disease in a way that aims to benefit community members long after the project ends.

  • Home on the road

    Prefabricated homes currently in use by expatriate contractors building an MCC-funded road in Mozambique will serve as the future home of the technicians maintaining the country’s highways

  • A walking campaign makes a fashion statement

    MCA-Mozambique is giving out cloth as part of the Land Tenure Project to encourage people to register their parcels of land. These are being used for wraps, skirts and headdresses.

  • A safe crossing

    Photojournalist Jake Lyell and I were in Mozambique last week to speak with project beneficiaries and record the story of MCC’s impact from their perspective.

  • Will Mozambique be Africa’s next big growth economy?

    MCC's vice president of compact operations recently visited Mozambique and left optimistic about the country's economic future.

  • Springs of Prosperity

    Mozambique suffers from one of the world’s lowest levels of per-capita water consumption. Mozambican girls and women spend much of their day fetching water instead of attending school or engaging in income-generating activities.

  • Partnering for Progress in Africa

    During a week that showcased MCC’s commitment to Africa’s economic growth and development, I joined Donald Kaberuka to sign an agreement today under which MCC and AfDB will work together in promoting economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa.

  • World Water Day: Turning on Faucets for the Worlds Poor

    When World Water Day was first celebrated in 1993, some 5.3 billion people lived on the planet. Of these, 512 million lived in sub-Saharan Africa, where only 49 and 26 percent, respectively, had access to an improved water source and sanitation facility.

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