• Malawi’s Power Sector Reforms Spur Private-Sector Participation and Utility Turnaround

    Bringing power to some of the 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa without electricity takes not only power lines, but also strong policies and institutions. That’s why MCC is working with the Government of Malawi on a new approach for its power sector.

  • Open for business: Malawi’s evolving power sector

    Leaders from Malawi’s key power sector institutions visited MCC to discuss efforts underway to reform their organizations and the sector to help increase access to reliable electricity for Malawians—and discuss the potential for private investment.

  • Malawi’s semi-annual review: Shedding light on power sector reform

    Malawi's main electrical utility is holding semi-annual public meetings to provide transparency into the broad power sector reforms the country has adopted under its MCC compact.

  • In Malawi, one hand helps the other to improve land use and boost economic opportunities

    By linking the land-use interests of Malawi's upstream farmers with downstream companies, the water that feeds into the Shire River hydroelectric plant is kept free of the weeds and sediment that clog operations and cause widespread power blackouts.

  • Water: the essence of life and economic prosperity

    Photo: A boy rolls a barrel toward a water source in Lusaka. In partnership with MCC, the Zambian Government is working to reform the country’s water sector and improve drainage in the capital city of Lusaka to better meet citizens’ water and sanitation needs. These vital improvements aim to decrease the risk of water-borne disease, time spent collecting water, the cost of water, and business and household losses due to flooding.

    MCC kicks off World Water Day with a series of blogs on what MCC and it's partner countries are doing to improve delivery of clean water and sanitation services and secure these resources into the future.

  • Women in Leadership: Susan Banda, MCA-Malawi

    "Speak up, participate and be part of the process!" These words of advice are offered to young Malawian women by MCA-Malawi CEO Susan Banda, who advises women to set goals for themselves and learn as much as they can about their chosen career paths.

  • Excitement, relief, optimism in Malawi

    MCC and MCA-Malawi staff are hard at work in the opening months of a five-year, $350.7 million compact that offers the hope of dramatically improving the country's power supply.

  • Maximizing MCC’s Partnerships in Africa

    "Africa’s future is up to Africans,” said President Barack Obama during his historic first visit to sub-Saharan Africa. By partnering effectively with African countries on their homegrown antipoverty strategies, MCC puts this powerful truth into practice.

  • Effectively Engaging the Private Sector

    This week more than 167 companies attended a procurement conference and heard about contracting opportunities arising from projects funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation compacts.

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