• A New Approach to Water Management in Moldova

    MCC's five-year, $262 million compact with Moldova helped organize water users associations that manage modern irrigation systems, supporting the production of high-value agricultural products.

  • Unearthing Moldova's Rich History

    Crews working on an MCC-funded road project unearth ancient artifacts, including homes, pottery and tools.

  • Matchmaking to Promote Private Investment in Moldova

    MCC and MCA-Moldova organized a high-value agriculture investment and trade roundtable this summer to connect Moldovan farmers with businesses from abroad. Participants included U.S. Ambassador James D. Pettit and John Deere representative Dirk Stratmann.

  • The future of Moldovan agriculture lies beyond its borders

    MCC's $125.4 million project funded the rehabilitation of 10 pumping stations along the country's two main rivers, the Prut and the Nistru, to improve the quantity and quality of irrigation water for more than 37,000 acres.

  • Climate change resilience in MCC’s irrigation investments

    Two of MCC’s irrigation investments, the Agriculture Project in Burkina Faso and the Transition to High Value Agriculture Project in Moldova, show how MCC projects reduce vulnerability and improve resilience to the potential effects of climate change.

  • A ride to showcase MCC's results in Moldova

    The Moldovan prime minister and the American ambassador led a ride of more than 100 cyclists who braved near-freezing temperatures to help showcase the Sarateni-Soroca road, which MCC helped upgrade.

  • Defying Stereotypes in Moldova

    Women were marginalized during the Soviet era in Moldova but are now playing important roles in business and politics—as well as implementing the Moldova Compact and pulling the country out of poverty, the CEO of MCA-Moldova writes.

  • Modernizing Moldova’s agricultural future

    MCC and USAID are partnering to improve weak links in agricultural value chains in Moldova as part of an effort to make Europe's poorest country more regionally competitive.

  • Ancient archaeological site found along MCC funded road in Moldova

    Read about how contractors working on an MCC-funded road rehabilitation project in Moldova uncovered what turned out to be a 9,000-year-old house.

  • Announcing MCC's KIN Journal

    Explore MCC's latest KIN Journal, focusing on MCC's lessons learned and innovations to advance food security.

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