• Talking Education with Secretary Kerry in Georgia

    On his trip to Georgia in July 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Kesi Katsitadze, a San Diego State University-Georgia biochemistry major and one of the beneficiaries of MCC’s $140 million Georgia Compact.

  • International Youth Day 2015: A Closer Look at the Youth Bulge

    Developing countries face an unprecedented “youth bulge” that can pose serious social and political challenges or create great opportunity. MCC addresses youth bulge challenges by laying the foundation for growth that creates opportunity for young people.

  • Investing in the Future of Georgia

    Daniel W. Yohannes summarizes his visit to Georgia, where he signed the country's MCC compact that will invest in the education of the next generation and help Georgians compete in a modern economy.

  • Hospitality, Friendship and Results

    After three days of travelling throughout Georgia to see the work financed by MCC and meet with farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and religious leaders, and our government counterparts, I have no doubt that the Georgia compact will be remembered for its remarkable a

  • A Model That Works

    Even for those of us involved in global development, it’s easy to wonder sometimes whether your work is making a difference.

  • Agri-Food Expo Highlights How MCC Investments Are Creating Jobs in Georgia

    "More than 2,600 jobs have been created and these jobs are not just short-term jobs; they have long-term perspectives and provide long term opportunities… Millennium Challenge Georgia proved that investments can be made in this sector and be successful.”

  • Trip Log: MCC Partnerships for Economic Growth in Moldova and Georgia

    Late last month, I surveyed progress in two MCC partner countries: Moldova, which is just beginning the implementation of its compact, and Georgia, which is on track to bring its compact to a successful close in the next six months.