• New Opportunities in Benin: A Call for Proposals

    Solar panels on the roof of a health facility in Tanzania.

    MCC’s compact with the Government of Benin reached a milestone this week with the launch of the first call for projects for the Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility.

  • Powering Business Growth in Benin

    Photo: Madame Awahou Codjo, a small business owner in Cotonou, Benin.

    Madame Awahou Codjo is a small business owner in Cotonou who benefitted from MCC’s 2006 investments in Benin. Now, she stands to benefit from MCC’s $375 million Benin Power Compact.

  • Land titles and food security: exploring the link

    An impact evaluation of MCC’s Access to Land Project in Benin hopes to explore the issue of whether owning a title to one's land leads to increased food security. Anecdotal evidence is already suggesting an increase.

  • Announcing MCC's KIN Journal

    Explore MCC's latest KIN Journal, focusing on MCC's lessons learned and innovations to advance food security.

  • Port of Cotonou's public-private partnership receives international recognition

    MCC invested more than $180 million to improve the Port of Cotonou.The International Finance Corporation and Infrastructure Journal recently recognized the port’s South Wharf public-private partnership as a "top-40 PPP” and with a "Bronze” award.

  • The Taste of Innovation

    I think MCC and food trucks have a lot in common. Think about it.

  • Results for Whom?

    Discussions at this week's 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea focused largely on the importance of achieving and measuring "results," but important questions remain.

  • 'Who says oil and water don't mix'

    My travels as MCC CEO bring me to many memorable places, but it’s the people who inspire me the most. Nicolas Kinsou Ahouandjiinou is one such person who I met in the Beninese village of Djeregbe.

  • MCC is Supporting the Rule of Law in Benin and Mali

    As MCC’s General Counsel, I was pleased to see the rule of law at work in Benin and Mali, two MCC partner countries in West Africa.

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