• Supporting Evidence Use by Policymakers in El Salvador - Part 1

    MCC generates a lot of evidence on "what works." This is how it's being used in El Salvador.

  • Creating agricultural cooperatives in El Salvador

    The dairy cooperative model is a risky and challenging approach, but one with great potential. MCC worked with co-ops in El Salvador as a way to contribute to rural economic development—but with mixed results.

  • Exploring the Northern Zone of El Salvador

    This past Sunday, hundreds gathered for a downhill longboard competition to attract people to the Northern Zone of El Salvador. The Northern Zone is now accessible thanks to the Northern Transnational Highway that MCC funded.

  • Linking Students to the Workforce

    Despite progress made in recent years, development in El Salvador’s northern zone has been hampered by gaps in education and training. Learn how MCC's compact with El Salvador is working to change that.

  • MCC is Working With the Private Sector To Deliver Sustainable Results

    See how MCC brought opportunity to businesses, founations, NGOs, entrepreneurs and developing countries.

  • Paving the Road to Opportunity and Growth

    This trip to El Salvador has been tremendous. Without a doubt, one of the most moving moments was witnessing the laying of the first kilometers of asphalt on the Northern Transnational Highway, parts of which are being constructed with MCC compact funds.

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