• Women Plumbers Aid Jordan’s Water Conservation Effort

    Ra’eda and her colleagues, trained as plumbers as part of the MCC-Jordan Compact, are challenging attitudes about women’s professions in Jordan and aiding the country’s water conservation efforts, which are creating new opportunities for economic growth.

  • Mobilizing Private-Sector Investment to Transform Jordan’s Water System

    MCC’s investment helped the Jordanian Government finance the expansion of the nation’s largest wastewater treatment plant, catalyzing private-sector investment and supporting the government’s ability to provide a much-needed service to its growing population.

  • Unlocking Private Finance in Frontier Markets

    The development landscape has changed fundamentally. Private actors and private finance increasingly drive development, and annual private financial flows to developing countries now amount to more than five times official aid flows.

  • Conserving Jordan’s Critical Water Supply

    In Jordan, the observation of Ramadan was an opportunity to reinforce the importance of water conservation and to teach women who manage their families’ household water that conservation is not just good for the family, it’s good for the country.

  • Building grassroots support for water conservation in Jordan

    In Jordan's Zarqa Governorate, a grassroots water conservation campaign aims to make a long-lasting difference for households and businesses. The effort is part of MCC's $275 million compact with Jordan.

  • In Jordan, harnessing the lifecycle of water

    In Jordan, where water resources are scant, people in expanding urban areas are getting more clean water and better sanitation service, and irrigation in the Jordan Valley is more efficient. The MCC-funded program is paving the way for economic growth.

  • Water: the essence of life and economic prosperity

    Photo: A boy rolls a barrel toward a water source in Lusaka. In partnership with MCC, the Zambian Government is working to reform the country’s water sector and improve drainage in the capital city of Lusaka to better meet citizens’ water and sanitation needs. These vital improvements aim to decrease the risk of water-borne disease, time spent collecting water, the cost of water, and business and household losses due to flooding.

    MCC kicks off World Water Day with a series of blogs on what MCC and it's partner countries are doing to improve delivery of clean water and sanitation services and secure these resources into the future.

  • Spreading the message

    MCC and MCA-Jordan hosted a community outreach event to discuss the upcoming improvements to the country’s water and wastewater treatment systems. About 100 teenage girls were encouraged to discuss the projects with their families.

  • Recognizing a promising partnership

    MCC and its partners in Jordan were recognized with an award for innovative financing from the Water and Energy Exchange, a specialist international water conference for companies that provide products and services in water and energy.

  • When water flows, prosperity follows

    MCC CEO blogs from Jordan, where he visits families facing water scarcity and celebrates partnering with the private sector to expand water security.

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