• Investing in Kosovo’s Promise

    A photograph captures the northern Kosovo city of Mitrovica. MCC’s new threshold program in Kosovo is designed to lower energy costs for households and businesses and support the Government of Kosovo in its efforts to improve data transparency to spur growth, fight poverty, and advance stability.

    In a Devex op-ed, MCC’s Kosovo Country Team Lead Sarah Olmstead discusses the agency’s investments to lower energy costs and support the Government of Kosovo in its efforts to improve data transparency to spur growth, fight poverty, and advance stability.

  • The Headline No One Is Writing: Extreme Poverty Reaches New Low

    New World Bank data confirm that MCC is partnering with some of the poorest countries in the world and that these countries are making significant progress in reducing poverty.

  • A Strengthened U.S. Commitment to Global Food Security

    October 16 is World Food Day, and 2016 has been a landmark year for MCC and the U.S. Government’s work on global food security.

  • Talking Education with Secretary Kerry in Georgia

    On his trip to Georgia in July 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Kesi Katsitadze, a San Diego State University-Georgia biochemistry major and one of the beneficiaries of MCC’s $140 million Georgia Compact.

  • Achieving Total Sanitation in Indonesia

    Clean water and adequate sanitation are essential elements to ensure adequate growth and nutrition – what would it take to achieve total sanitation in Indonesia?

  • Conserving Jordan’s Critical Water Supply

    In Jordan, the observation of Ramadan was an opportunity to reinforce the importance of water conservation and to teach women who manage their families’ household water that conservation is not just good for the family, it’s good for the country.

  • Protecting the environment and reducing poverty in Indonesia

    The $332.5 million Green Prosperity Project in Indonesia is designed to protect the environment while promoting improved management of natural resources. It is one of the most important environmental stewardship projects under the MCC compact with Indonesia.

  • Building grassroots support for water conservation in Jordan

    In Jordan's Zarqa Governorate, a grassroots water conservation campaign aims to make a long-lasting difference for households and businesses. The effort is part of MCC's $275 million compact with Jordan.

  • Empowering women by strengthening partnerships

    MCC marks International Women's day this year by highlighting its commitment to promoting equality for women in its work with partner countries. That commitment is broadened through strategic partnerships that focus on shared values.

  • An example worth sharing

    On the 50th anniversary of the original Selma to Montgomery march in Alabama, MCC Senior Advisor Cassandra Q. Butts recalls the volatile events and enduring images of that time, and reflects on the importance of MCC's policy reform efforts in partner countries.