• In Guatemala, better tax collection means better education and better jobs

    MCC signed a $28 million Threshold Program with Guatemala that will strengthen a shared commitment to economic freedom, investment in people and good governance and attract private investment. Better education and new job skills will pave the way to prosperity.

  • Empowering women by strengthening partnerships

    MCC marks International Women's day this year by highlighting its commitment to promoting equality for women in its work with partner countries. That commitment is broadened through strategic partnerships that focus on shared values.

  • An example worth sharing

    On the 50th anniversary of the original Selma to Montgomery march in Alabama, MCC Senior Advisor Cassandra Q. Butts recalls the volatile events and enduring images of that time, and reflects on the importance of MCC's policy reform efforts in partner countries.

  • About data, and why MCC is so good at it

    For MCC, transparency is a high priority. By creating a more streamlined process for producing its data, the agency’s partner country governments can plan the best use of their resources, and their people can better hold their governments accountable.

  • Creating agricultural cooperatives in El Salvador

    The dairy cooperative model is a risky and challenging approach, but one with great potential. MCC worked with co-ops in El Salvador as a way to contribute to rural economic development—but with mixed results.

  • MCC celebrates International Youth Day

    Youth are key players in MCC’s mission to reduce poverty through economic growth; through engagement in the United States and in our partner countries, MCC works to empower youth with knowledge and economic freedom.

  • Exploring the Northern Zone of El Salvador

    This past Sunday, hundreds gathered for a downhill longboard competition to attract people to the Northern Zone of El Salvador. The Northern Zone is now accessible thanks to the Northern Transnational Highway that MCC funded.

  • Innovation in water

    A community irrigation system created with the help of MCC’s compact with Honduras recently received international recognition—the latest example of how MCC’s investments provide a model for sustainable poverty growth in our partner countries.

  • Linking Students to the Workforce

    Despite progress made in recent years, development in El Salvador’s northern zone has been hampered by gaps in education and training. Learn how MCC's compact with El Salvador is working to change that.

  • World Customs Organization Praises Threshold Program

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s second (Stage II) threshold program in Paraguay received international recognition last month at the Brussels meeting of the World Customs Organization (WCO).