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WEBINAR: Senegal Power Compact Procurement Opportunities

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

10:00 am to 11:30 am EST

Join MCC to learn about upcoming procurement opportunities in the Senegal Power Compact.

Remarks by MCC staff:

  • Molly Glenn, Senegal Resident Country Director
  • Melissa Adams, Senegal Deputy Resident Country Director
  • Bah Rouguiata, Associate Director, Program Procurement
  • Michael Hamilton, Director, Energy
  • Leanne Sedowski, Director, Gender and Social Inclusion
  • David McGill, Associate Director, Energy
The Senegal Power Compact will be implemented by MCA Senegal II which will be responsible for compact procurements.

Featured Procurements: 

  1. Works and Equipment – Transmission Project: MCA will soon be launching a procurement for the design, delivery and installation of automated load shedding equipment (October 2021). In addition, MCA is currently engaged with a consultant that is preparing designs and bidding documents for a series of underground transmission lines, substation equipment and a subsea cable. These latter procurements are expected to be launched in mid-2022.
  2. Consumer Demand Procurements – Access Project: MCA will launch a procurement for a consumer equipment financing program in late 2022. The selected firm will implement a program to work with equipment suppliers and financing institutions to support consumers’ access to equipment for personal or productive use. In addition, MCA will launch a procurement in late 2022 to implement the consumer education component, which will work with utilities and communities to educate consumers about connecting to the electrical grid, managing electricity usage, and understanding potential productive use.
  3. Reform Project Technical Advisory – Reform Project: Critical to the success of the compact will be a provider of advisory and consultancy services to the Reform Project. This firm will conduct analysis and broadly advise on a reform effort expected to take place in a fairly complex environment, work that requires sectoral expertise and utilizes a flexible and adaptive approach. This firm will also provide project management like services to ensure the results and outcomes expected from the project are achieved.
  1. Sector Governance Opportunities – Reform Project: The MCA seeks one or more firms to provide services and materials aimed at strengthening the legal, operational, and broad sectoral framework of the power sector. These services are expected to include the development of a framework for the sector's newly mandated plan intégré à moindre coût, improvement of the IPP procurement framework, and the provision of multi-year technical assistance to the Ministry of Petrol & Energy. They also include the provision of IT tools to be deployed among various institutions, to support the commercial requirements of the realization of third-party access.
  1. Regulatory Strengthening Opportunities – Reform Project: Building upon preparatory activities already commenced as part of the compact, one or more firms are being sought to support the regulator’s ability to further play its role as prescribed by the new Electricity Code (governance), as well as draft regulations relevant for an ambitious power sector with an increasingly important role in the region (substance).
  1. Utility Strengthening Opportunity – Reform Project: One firm will be expected to provide support to the power utility with its plans to centralize and upgrade its GIS database, integrating the GIS system within its suite of ERP, SCADA, asset management, and other IT Tools. Training and technical assistance on the use of the new system is also envisioned.

Senegal Power Compact Background

In December 2018, MCC and the Government of Senegal signed the $550 million Senegal Power Compact.  Senegal is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, and MCC is partnering with Senegal to meet the increasing demand for reliable electricity for businesses and households.  The Senegal Power Compact will support three projects focused on improving the transmission network in and around Dakar, increase electricity access in the agriculture areas of the south and central regions, and improve the overall governance of the sector.  The compact aims to increase private sector participation in the sector.  The Senegal Power Compact entered into force in September 2021, which officially starts the 5-year implementation period and allows access to full program funding for procurements.

Procurement and business opportunities, along with other ways to work with MCC, are available at

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