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WEBINAR: Introduction to the Kosovo Compact

Monday, October 3, 2022 from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Slide Deck

Kosovo Compact Background

In July 2022, MCC and the Government of Kosovo signed a new $202 million Compact. The Kosovo Compact will support three projects focused on addressing Kosovo’s unreliable supply of electricity and will assist Kosovo in transitioning towards an energy future that is more sustainable, inclusive, reliable, and affordable. The Program is expected to enter into force in April 2024, starting the 5-year implementation period and allows access to full program funding for procurements. The Compact consists of three proposed projects:Energy Storage Project: The objective of the Energy Storage Project is to support Kosovo’s energy security and transition to a cleaner energy future, as reflected by: (1) usage of energy storage systems, (2) availability of the energy storage system, and (3) reduced cost of securing adequate electricity for Kosovo. The Energy Storage Project consists of the following three activities:
  • Frequency Restoration Response Activity.
  • Multi-Functional Energy Storage (MFES) Activity.
  • Energy and Climate Policy Support Activity.
Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration (JETA) Project: The objectives of the JETA Project are to: (1) produce graduates who are hired in relevant jobs in the energy and adjacent sectors; and (2) increase employment of women among employers participating in the Inclusive Energy Sector Workforce Activity. The JETA Project consists of the following two activities:
  • Energy Skills for the Future Activity
  • Inclusive Energy Sector Workforce Activity

American Catalyst Facility for Development (ACFD) Project: The objective of the ACFD Project is to facilitate the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)’s complementary investments in Kosovo. The project aims to leverage DFC’s financing to support one or more blended finance transactions to catalyze private investment in Kosovo in areas that support or complement the objectives of the Energy Storage Project and JETA Projects.

Featured Procurements: 

  1.  Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Specialist Consultant, BESS Action Group (AG) Support Consultant, BESS Design and Supervision Consultant – Energy Storage Project:  MCA will soon be launching three procurements for the Energy Storage Project, including BESS Specialist Consultant, BESS AG Support Consultant, and BESS Design and Supervision Consultant.  Subsequent procurements are likely to consist of advisory services for BESS management support and works projects for BESS’s that address automatic frequency restoration reserves (aFRR) and multi-functional BESS applications such as aFRR, tertiary reserves and black start support capability.
  1. Energy Skills for the Future Activity (ESF) – Just and Equitable Transition Acceleration (JETA) Project:  Four or more major contracts foreseen under the ESF Activity are as follows: an overarching design, implementation, and oversight consultant; a design-supervision consultant to provide design and oversight for infrastructure works; one or more construction contracts; and one or more procurements for equipment, furnishing, and materials. The selected design, implementation, and oversight consultant will implement the activity designed to establish new technical training programs and/or build upon existing technical training programs to provide the skills demanded by employers in the energy and adjacent sectors. While specific technical fields will be prioritized during detailed design in consultation with energy sector employers, the training programs may provide skills development related to: energy storage systems design and development; battery component and digital control systems; thermal systems analysis; electronic systems analysis; development, operations, and maintenance of renewables; energy efficiency auditing; environmental and social assessment; utility operations; or other fields identified as in demand in Kosovo and the region. Construction work under the ESF Activity is expected to include upgrades and renovations to existing facilities.
  1. Inclusive Energy Sector Workforce Activity – JETA Project: The selected firm will act as a program design and implementation consultant for the above activity designed to promote gender equitable practices among energy sector employers, provide technical assistance to help increase female representation in energy companies in Kosovo, and support networking, mentoring, and other educational and learning opportunities for women.
  1. Environmental and Social Consultant (ESoC) inclusive of Gender and Social Inclusion (GSI): The selected firm or consultant will provide the MCA-Kosovo with management, implementation, and oversight support, as directed for all environmental, climate change, social, labor, health, safety, resettlement, stakeholder engagement, and gender and social inclusion aspects of the Program as well as providing applicable training, as required. The ESoC will provide technical oversight assistance for MCA-Kosovo to achieve conformance with MCC’s Environmental and Social Guidelines and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards (PS) from the design stage through construction, commissioning, and Compact close-out periods for both the Energy Storage and JETA projects.
  1. Monitoring & Evaluation Data Quality Review for both projects: The selected firm or consultant will conduct data quality reviews of M&E data, policies, and procedures for the Energy Storage Project and JETA Project to ensure M&E data collection and reporting is accurate, robust, and successfully captures project outcomes.