Webinar: Land IT Toolkit and Strategic Technology Decision-making

Thursday, October 12, 2023 from 8:00 am to 9:30 am

8:00-9:30 AM (GMT-4, United States Eastern Time)

Join us for the second webinar on Land IT Toolkit and Strategic Technology Decision-making. In this second webinar, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Esri will facilitate a discussion on Land IT System Design Decision Making and Emerging Trends focusing on the sustainability of new Land Records and Transactions (LRT) systems, what technologies are best suited to these systems in the developing country context, and what are key considerations in developing and implementing such LRT system solutions.  At the first webinar in June 2023, MCC and Land Equity International introduced an IT Decision-making Toolkit to guide investment decisions on LRT system design and implementation and Esri facilitated a panel discussion on key issues around how decisions are made on investments in such LRT systems.

To join the 8 a.m. webinar on October 12th click here.


Ensuring that new land records and transaction system technologies are widely used and sustained after initial roll-out remains a central challenge within the land administration systems of many countries. Weak alignment of system scope, technological complexity, and maintenance and support costs with land agency priorities, staff experience, internet and power infrastructure, financial resources, and data and records quality and quantity can result in limited sustainability of digital land administration systems.  

MCC and Land Equity International developed a new toolkit to facilitate decision-making about investments in land IT systems by a variety of stakeholders including other donors and financial partners, governments, and service providers. The toolkit addresses a central question that underpins any thinking on strengthening land records and transaction systems – what level of technological complexity is appropriate for land records and transaction management needs, institutional environment, and resources that exist? The toolkit provides a template for assessing in-country challenges relating to LRT systems, guides the design and selection of options and components for LRT systems investment, supports in-country analysis, and helps ensure systematic consideration of operability, sustainability, political and institutional risks and benefits. The toolkit includes sections on Legal and Institutional, Technology and Systems, and Finance and Financial Sustainability to determine the optimal LRTS investment in a country.  

Further questions for discussion revolve around how to sustain LRT systems once investments are made, key issues that should be addressed and how these systems can be set up to better ensure sustainability.   

Guests Speakers: 

Amir Bar-Maor, Principal Product Engineer, Esri

Steve Smith, CTO, Land Administration Company

Jones Ofori-Boadu, Commissioner of Lands, Ghana

Carlos Varela, Director of Cadastre, Topography and GIS, Camara de Praia, Cabo Verde

Donor Panelists: 

Chris Penrose-Buckley, Senior Advisor — Land Policy, UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office  

Kevin Barthel, Director, US Millennium Challenge Corporation 


Tim Fella, Team Lead – Geospatial Authorities, Esri