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Webinar: MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact: Land Procurement Opportunities

Tuesday, December 12, 2023 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

This event will start at 9:00 am in Washington, D.C. (EST) 4:00 pm in Lilongwe, Malawi (CAT)

Join MCC and MCA-Malawi II to learn about upcoming procurement opportunities in land sector reform under the MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact.

Remarks by:

  • Joel Wiegert, MCC Malawi Resident Country Director
  • Dye Mawindo, MCA-Malawi II Chief Executive Officer
  • Victor Tembo, Charles Kendall & Partners Procurement Agent Manager
The MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact will be implemented by MCA-Malawi II, which will be responsible for program procurements.

Featured Procurements: 

  1. City Council Revenue Modernization Activity Implementation: The objective of the City Council Land-Based Revenue Modernization Activity is to enhance the productive use of land, improve land administration, and better manage land-based revenues collected by four City Councils in Malawi, including Blantyre City Council, Lilongwe City Council, Zomba City Council, and Mzuzu City Council. The short-term outcome of the activity is to increase land-based revenues, which will enhance land administration and improve public service delivery in the City Councils. The activity has four main components: (i) transformation of legal, regulatory, and procedural systems, (ii) property mapping, valuation, property record automation, and property information management systems, (iii) institutional and Social and Behavior Change (SBC), and (iv) budget and expenditure management strengthening support. MMD plans to engage a specialized firm or consortium that provides city-level property tax modernization reform and land administration and management services for the four components described above.
  2. Land Administration Resourcing and Institutions (LARI): The goal of the Land Administration Resourcing and Institutions Activity is to assist the Ministry of Lands in Malawi in increasing investment in land, promoting active land market activity, and improving resource allocation through land revenues. This will ensure that the land institutional framework is sufficiently funded and affordable to the Government of Malawi over time, and that secure property rights are established on a solid foundation. The short-term outcome of the activity is to increase land-based revenues and increase the volume of land services delivered. The activity concentrates on four critical components, which were identified through the original problem analysis and compact development process. These four components include: (i) reforming and increasing land-based revenue collection, (ii) further devolution-related reform and implementation to support cost-effective approaches, (iii) creating a Land Authority if the Government of Malawi chooses to pursue this reform, and (iv) addressing the leasehold records dimensions of the preceding three areas.
The MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact Background

In September 2022, MCC and the Government of Malawi signed the $350 million MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact, aimed at reducing transport costs, connecting farms to markets, and strengthening land administration in Malawi.

Increased Land Productivity (Land) Project

Low land productivity in Malawi greatly inhibits Malawi’s opportunity for increased economic growth. The proposed Increased Land Productivity Project seeks to modernize and increase the effectiveness of property tax management systems, decrease valuation costs, and boost the funding available for service delivery in Malawi’s four largest cities. These reforms aim to create a high-quality, financially sustainable institutional framework that will be critical to the long-term success of this effort.

Accelerated Growth Corridors (AGC) Project

High transport costs and weak market connections from rural areas negatively impacts smallholder farmers, women, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and agribusinesses. The Accelerated Growth Corridors Project (AGC) seeks to address poorly maintained and constructed roads with up to 300 km of road upgrades to improve the condition of farm-to-market roads in priority transport corridors. This project will also support the long-term sustainability of key policy and institutional reforms. These reforms will target local road management, maintenance financing, competitive transport services, and combating gender-based violence and harassment on and along transportation routes. These policies will ensure equitable benefits follow road improvements.

American Catalyst Facility for Development (ACFD)

The compact also includes funds to partner with the United States Development Finance Corporation (DFC) on innovative finance investments that will catalyze private investment and increase capital flows to small and medium Malawian businesses.

Join the conversation on December 12 at this Webex link:

If you are interested in road construction and reform procurement opportunities associated with the MCC Malawi Transport and Land Compact, please join the road procurement opportunities webinar on December 14.

Procurement and business opportunities, along with other ways to work with MCC, are available at

For questions about this webinar please contact Ryan Webster at