Events & Transcripts

Events are grouped by year, then listed by date, descending.

  • Event: Quarterly Town Hall on YouTube

    MCC's Quarterly Town Hall will take place at MCC and live on YouTube. The discussion will review the September Board of Directors meeting, including the approval of compacts with Liberia and Morocco and approval of a threshold program with Sierra Leone.

  • Board of Directors Meeting, September 2015

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation's nine-member Board of Directors holds its quarterly meeting to discuss the proposed Liberia, Tanzania and Morocco compacts, the proposed Sierra Leone Threshold Program and the FY16 Selection Criteria and Methodology Report.

  • Energy for Development Conference: Promoting a Gender Inclusive and Pro-Poor Sector

    This event will bring together issue experts to host a learning and knowledge exchange event to discuss the linkages between gender, poverty and energy.

  • Benin Power Compact Signing Ceremony

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation is partnering with Benin through a five-year, $375 million compact designed to transform the West African country’s power sector.

  • Measuring Adolescent Girls' Education: Benchmarking Creative Approaches to Monitoring & Evaluation

    This event brought together CHARGE partners and resource experts to consider creative indicators, tools and strategies to capture the complex changes sought by projects aiming to support girls' learning, and empowerment within their communities.

  • Quarterly Town Hall - Live On YouTube

    MCC's Quarterly Town Hall meeting will take place online for the first time, with a live event hosted on YouTube. During the virtual event, the Board of Directors June meeting will be discussed as well as the proposed compact with Benin.

  • Board of Directors Meeting, June 2015

    The Millennium Challenge Corporation's nine-member Board of Directors will hold its quarterly meeting to discuss the proposed Benin Compact and MCC's five-year strategic plan.

  • Discussion: MCC Investment Opportunities in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania

    MCC will host a panel discussion about investment opportunities with MCC in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania during the annual World Bank-IMF spring meetings.

  • MCC Webinar on Impact Evaluation of Water Projects

    Join Kumar Ranganathan, MCC Department of Compact Operations and Dr. Marc Jeuland of Duke University for a one-hour webinar event on the Impact Evaluation of Water Projects: A Case Study from Jordan.

  • Quarterly Public Town Hall Meeting

    At MCC's quarterly public town hall meeting, the discussion will include overview of the March Board of Directors meeting, compact development and MCC’s approach to climate change. This event is open to the public.