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American Catalyst Facility for Development

Five Things to Know About It

  1. In October 2018, the BUILD Act, signed into law by President Trump, encouraged greater coordination and collaboration among U.S. development agencies—including DFC and MCC. While DFC and MCC have collaborated in the past, aligning business models and the timing of investments has been challenging.
  2. Since its inception, MCC has been using blended finance to create better opportunities and maximize impact by mobilizing private capital. MCC and DFC are working to develop a new blended finance mechanism, the American Catalyst Facility for Development or the ACFD, a formal platform to optimize collaboration between MCC and DFC in support of coordinated, strategic investments.
  3. In July 2020, a joint MCC-DFC task force successfully developed a preliminary operational plan for the ACFD designed to function within the existing authorities and country portfolios for both DFC and MCC. This plan leverages the strengths of both agencies to enable investments aimed at (1) crowding-in the private sector, (2) maximizing the overall impact of the U.S. government development efforts, and (3) furthering America’s strategic interests abroad.
  4. All investments implemented through the ACFD will be consistent with both MCC’s mission of “poverty reduction through economic growth” and DFC’s mission of “investing with private sector partners to advance the interests of the American people through development in emerging markets.”
  5. MCC and DFC are excited about the ACFD’s potential for impact and will continue working together over the coming months to successfully operationalize the ACFD—stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new collaboration.