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Press Release

MCC Ranks First Among U.S. Agencies in the 2020 Aid Transparency Index

For Immediate Release

June 24, 2020

Washington D.C., June 24, 2020 - Publish What You Fund (PWYF) has released its 2020 Aid Transparency Index, ranking the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) as first among U.S. federal agencies and seventh in the world for aid transparency. The Aid Transparency Index is an independent measure of foreign aid transparency among the world’s major development and donor agencies and is released every two years.

“MCC is proud to be recognized as the most transparent agency in the United States’ Government,” said MCC CEO Sean Cairncross. “We are committed to sharing the successes and lessons-learned from our unique model and our investments—through innovative reporting tools, like our Evaluation Briefs and Star Reports—making critical data from our programs accessible to policymakers and the development community around the world.”

On MCC’s performance in the 2020 Index, PWYF CEO Gary Forster said, “We congratulate MCC on ranking in the ‘very good’ category in the 2020 Aid Transparency Index. As large quantities of aid are being reallocated to deal with the COVID-19 emergency, the transparency of international aid is more important than ever. So, it is promising to see an increase in the quantity, quality and timeliness of aid data now being shared by a broad cross section of the world’s major aid agencies. As we work together to fill the gaps in the aid data landscape, we look forward to exploring how we can best meet the demand for data and data engagement.”

The 2020 Aid Transparency Index covers five U.S. agencies and includes 47 major donor agencies. The 2020 Index shows significant improvement in overall aid transparency compared to the 2018 Index, along with key contrasts in scores among major donor agencies. MCC has now been ranked in the “very good” category and number one among U.S. federal agencies in five consecutive Aid Transparency Index reports. The 2020 Index rates MCC with a score of 92.1, a five-point increase from 87 in 2018.

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