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MCC Annual Scorecards Measure Countries' Policy Performance

For Immediate Release

November 7, 2012

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) released its fiscal year 2013 country scorecards today. MCC scorecards consolidate an individual country’s scores for each of the 20 policy indicators MCC uses to determine eligibility for its assistance programs. Country scores are a critical factor in MCC’s Board of Directors’ decision regarding countries eligible for MCC compact funding.

MCC country scorecards use independent, third-party policy indicators in three categories: Ruling Justly, Economic Freedom, and Investing in People. MCC publishes its scorecards annually. By using information collected from independent, third-party sources, MCC scorecards provide an objective comparison of all low income and lower middle income candidate countries. 

Transparency is integral to the MCC model and is a key component to enhancing aid effectiveness and ensuring accountability for taxpayer resources. In line with MCC’s commitment to transparency, this year’s (fiscal year 2013) Selection Criteria and Methodology Report provides greater detail about the types of information MCC’s Board of Directors will consider when selecting countries for subsequent compacts. This includes highlighting links to published reports on prior compact implementation.

The country selection process begins each year by identifying candidate countries and publishing the Selection Criteria and Methodology Report. Candidate country scorecards are then publicly issued highlighting candidate countries’ performance on the MCC indicators. In addition to the scorecards, MCC’s Board of Directors also considers MCC’s ability to impact growth and poverty reduction, as well as the availability of funding. MCC’s Board of Directors expects to make fiscal year 2013 country eligibility decisions at its December 2012 meeting. MCC will hold a town hall meeting following the Board’s selection of eligible countries.

To view the scorecards with country indicator data for fiscal year 2013, click here.

Machine readable data and Application Programming Interface for the fiscal year 2013 country selection process will be available at

For more information about the selection process and the indicators used to measure policy performance, please click here.


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