Press Release

MCC Discusses U.S. Assistance with Moldova Prime Minister

The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer received Moldova’s Prime Minister following his meetings at White House and State Department

For Immediate Release

March 4, 2014

Washington, D.C.— Daniel W. Yohannes, the CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, met Iurie Leanca, the Prime Minister of Moldova, at the U.S. agency’s headquarters to review MCC’s $262 million compact with Moldova. 

The leaders discussed MCC’s partnership with Moldova to create a business friendly environment that responds to the challenges of a market-oriented global economy. The CEO and the Prime Minister reviewed MCC’s current commitment to Moldova, which includes investments aimed at modernizing Moldova’s agricultural sector, improving its critical infrastructure in the irrigation and road sectors and boosting trade between Moldova and other trading partners throughout the region.

The CEO and the Prime Minister reiterated their commitment to the five-year investment, which began in 2010. They vowed to redouble efforts to successfully complete implementation next year.  

Mr. Yohannes said, “MCC’s compact with Moldova represents the use of U.S. taxpayer funds to help Moldova reduce poverty through economic growth. Focus on good governance is central to all MCC programs. We hope Moldova will continue to raise the bar on good governance.”

The CEO also mentioned the importance of a smooth and transparent election in Moldova later this year. He noted that the integrity of the process and the quality of Moldovan institutions are of particular interest to the United States.