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Press Release

MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes Travels to South Africa and Lesotho

For Immediate Release

May 9, 2013

Washington, D.C.—Millennium Challenge Corporation CEO Daniel W. Yohannes is traveling to South Africa from May 7-10 to attend meetings around the World Economic Forum and to Lesotho from May 12-15 to mark the closeout of MCC’s Lesotho development program.

In South Africa, Mr. Yohannes is attending events and meetings around the 2013 World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF). The Forum provides an opportunity for global leaders in development, the private sector and government to work toward advancing African growth and integration. Mr. Yohannes will participate in panel discussions on how MCC’s investments in energy and transportation are contributing to sustainable growth on the continent.

Alongside the WEF meetings, Mr. Yohannes will meet with government and private sector officials, including representatives from Coca-Cola to discuss the ongoing partnership between Coca-Cola and MCC.

Mr. Yohannes will then travel to Lesotho from May 12-15 to mark the upcoming completion of MCC’s nearly $363 million compact, which invested in health, water and private sector development.

Activities will include the commissioning of a new health center in Peka, Lesotho on May 13. The center is one of 138 health centers renovated and expanded under MCC’s compact with Lesotho, increasing the quality and access of general health care, HIV/AIDS treatment, and baby delivery.

On May 14, Mr. Yohannes will also travel to the Metolong Dam and a rural water site, both of which are helping to provide a larger, more reliable supply of water to residents and businesses throughout Lesotho.

Mr. Yohannes will participate in a panel discussion on May 15 of Basotho private sector leaders, which will offer an opportunity to discuss the accomplishments of MCC’s private sector project in Lesotho as well as follow-on investments to MCC’s work. While in Lesotho, Mr. Yohannes will also meet with Prime Minister Tom Thabane.

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