Press Release

MCC CEO Daniel W. Yohannes Travels to Morocco

For Immediate Release

June 25, 2013

Washington, D.C.—Millennium Challenge Corporation CEO Daniel W. Yohannes is travelling to Morocco from June 24 to June 27 to mark the upcoming closeout of the Morocco Compact.

Yohannes will attend meetings and events with officials from the Government of Morocco, including King Mohammed VI and Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, and tour MCC project sites in Rabat, Marrakech, Ourika, and Sidi Abed.

MCC’s five-year, $697.5 million compact with Morocco closes Sept. 15. The compact, the second largest in MCC’s portfolio, aims to stimulate economic growth by increasing productivity and improving employment in high-potential sectors. The compact’s five projects focus on small-scale fisheries, fruit tree productivity, financial services, the artisan sector, and enterprise support.

On June 25, Yohannes will visit improved traditional irrigation systems in Ourika. MCC helped improve water delivery to crops and provided training to the local water-user association. As part of the project, nearly 75,000 hectares of fruit and nut trees have been planted, and 30,000 olive and date farmers received agricultural training.

On June 26, Yohannes will attend the inauguration of the fish landing site at Sidi Abed, built to provide an auction hall, cold storage facilities and other necessary services to help modernize and improve the value chains of the small-scale fisheries industry in Morocco.