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  • MCC at 18

    On January 23, 2022, MCC turned 18! Here is a look back at just some of the things we accomplished last year with our partners around the world!

  • MCC Hosts Democracy Delivers Development

    MCC’s Deputy CEO Alexia Latortue hosts high-level government officials from Niger, Mongolia, and Senegal for a discussion about how democracy and good governance are critical for development investments to prosper.

  • The Gambia Threshold Signing Ceremony

    Watch the ceremony to sign MCC's $25 million threshold program with The Gambia focused on the energy sector.

  • Solomon Islands Threshold Program

    Learn more about MCC's Solomon Islands Threshold Program.

  • Learn More About MCC’s Nepal Compact

    Sanjay Poudyal, MCC’s Deputy Country Director for Nepal, introduces MCC’s Nepal Compact, which is designed to improve the availability of electricity and increase road maintenance to advance connectivity, drive growth, and lay a strong foundation for new invest

  • Paving the Way Towards Prosperity in Nepal

    Stronger roads mean safer conditions for travelers, less vehicle wear and tear, and lower transport costs for people and businesses. The MCC Nepal Compact will help create a network of smoother, longer-lasting, and sustainable roads along the East West Highway.

  • Lighting the Way Towards a Brighter Future in Nepal

    With better access to electricity, more students can study at night, hospitals can provide better care, and businesses can grow and thrive. The MCC Nepal Compact will help increase the supply and access of reliable electricity to homes and businesses.

  • MCC at 17

    On Jan. 23 MCC turned 17. We thought we'd take a minute to highlight some of the work we've accomplished with our country partners worldwide.

  • CEO Cairncross Joins PSC’s 8th Annual Development Conference

    MCC CEO Cairncross addresses PSC 8th Annual Development Conference

  • 2020 A Year Like No Other

    2020 has been a year like no other. The global pandemic has reinforced the need for MCC investments, and our teams around the world remain committed to our mission of reducing poverty through economic growth. Take a look at MCC in 2020.

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