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  • MCC-Ghana Power Compact

    MCC's $316 million Ghana Power Compact has helped the Government of Ghana improve the country's power sector through investments that provided more reliable and affordable electricity to Ghana's businesses, households and institutions.

  • Results Based Financing at MCC

    By tying results directly to thee desired impact, and providing funding only after thee results have been achieved, results based financing (RBF) is supporting country partners in their pursuit to reduce poverty and spur economic growth.

  • MCC Hosts Infrastructure for Impact

    MCC hosted leaders from around the world to discuss how the United States will work with partners to deliver inclusive and sustainable infrastructure to meet the tremendous needs of low- and middle-income countries.

  • MCC DCEO Mahmoud Bah Welcome Message

    On February 24, 2022, Mahmoud Bah was appointed as MCC's Deputy Chief Executive Officer and gave a few remarks on his 12-year tenure with MCC and his commitment to the agency's mission and values.

  • MCC CEO Alice Albright Welcome Message

    On her first day, MCC CEO Alice Albright briefly shares her vision and affirms her commitment to MCC's mission, values and the hard work being done by our partner countries to reduce poverty.

  • Solomon Islands Threshold Signing Ceremony

    Watch the signing ceremony for the $20 million Threshold Program with the Solomon Islands.

  • MCC at 18

    On January 23, 2022, MCC turned 18! Here is a look back at just some of the things we accomplished last year with our partners around the world!

  • MCC Hosts Democracy Delivers Development

    MCC’s Deputy CEO Alexia Latortue hosts high-level government officials from Niger, Mongolia, and Senegal for a discussion about how democracy and good governance are critical for development investments to prosper.

  • The Gambia Threshold Signing Ceremony

    Watch the ceremony to sign MCC's $25 million threshold program with The Gambia focused on the energy sector.

  • Solomon Islands Threshold Program

    Learn more about MCC's Solomon Islands Threshold Program.

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