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  • Safeguarding the health of Basotho communities

    MCC is working closely with MCA-Lesotho to ensure that the risks associated with hazardous materials are mitigated by sustainable procedures for safe disposal.

  • Lesotho Electronic Medical Records

    A major portion of the Lesotho Compact's Health Sector Project focuses on rehabilitating 138 health centers across the country, all of which play a pivotal role in providing primary health care to local communities.

  • Lesotho Health Clinics

    About 23 percent of Lesotho’s population is infected with HIV/AIDS, one of the highest prevalence rates in the world. In response, MCC has invested $122 million in health infrastructure and to strengthen Lesotho’s health systems.

  • Gender and Sustainable Development

    In Lesotho, adult married women had the legal status of children and there was no movement on the "Married Persons Equality Bill" despite six years of effort.

  • MCC in Africa

    A brief introduction to the Millennium Challenge Corporation and its efforts to reduce poverty throughout Africa.