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  • El Salvador Investment Compact Education and Training

    Watch MCC’s El Salvador Investment Compact and how the compact’s work in education and training has impacted the beneficiaries.

  • Highlights from MCC’s El Salvador Investment Compact

    Richard Mora, Deputy Resident Country Director for El Salvador, gives an overview of MCC's El Salvador Investment Compact, which is designed to improve the country’s investment climate, employment opportunities and transportation infrastructure.

  • El Salvador Compact Closeout Video

    El Salvador’s compact helped provide clean water, electricity, sanitation, teacher training and student scholarships. Watch interviews of how this grant helped achieve this and a decades-long dream of opening access to the country’s Northern Zone.

  • MCC in the Americas

    A brief introduction to the Millennium Challenge Corporation and its efforts to reduce poverty throughout the Americas.

  • Compact Signing Ceremony with El Salvador

    On Nov. 29, 2006 in Washington, DC, MCC and El Salvador signed a $461 million development agreement aimed at reducing poverty in the Central American nation.

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