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  • MCC Quarterly Town Hall April 2018

    Following its April 3 Board of Directors meeting, MCC hosted a town hall to discuss the approval of the Togo Threshold Program and the closeout of the Cabo Verde Compact II.

  • Land Rights in Cabo Verde Open Up Opportunities for Investment

    Through the Cabo Verde Compact, MCC has helped the people of Cabo Verde secure legal rights to their land and clarify property boundaries – making them more likely to invest in their land and maximize its economic potential to drive growth.

  • Expanding Access to Water in Cabo Verde, From the Ground Up

    Through the Cabo Verde Compact, MCC has helped the water-scarce island nation deliver clean water and sanitation services to Cabo Verdean households and businesses to drive growth and fight poverty.

  • Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves of Cape Verde discusses MCC

    MCC welcomed the heads of state from four partner countries on March 29, 2013 for a discussion on economic growth in Africa. Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves of Cape Verde took a moment during his visit to discuss Cape Verde's partnership with MCC.

  • MCA-Cape Verde: We are building the future

    This video was produced by MCA-Cape Verde for the closeout of Cape Verde's compact.

  • MCC in Africa

    A brief introduction to the Millennium Challenge Corporation and its efforts to reduce poverty throughout Africa.

  • Compact Signing Ceremony with Cape Verde

    On July 3, 2005 in Praia, Cape Verde, the United States, through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, signed an historic five-year Compact in excess of $110 million with the Republic of Cape Verde.

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