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  • MCG (MCA-Georgia) Closeout: Energy Infrastructure Rehabilitation

    The Energy Rehabilitation Activity, as part of the Regional Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project in MCC's Georgia Compact, repaired the north-south gas pipeline, which is the sole transmission line transporting gas to Georgia.

  • MCG (MCA-Georgia) Closeout: Agribusiness Development Activity

    As part of the Enterprise Development Project with MCC's Georgia Compact, the Agribusiness Development Activity provided technical assistance and grants to farmers and agribusinesses in critical value chains that supplied agricultural products to the domestic m

  • MCG (MCA-Georgia) Closeout: Georgia Regional Development Fund

    Discover how the Georgia Development Fund, as part of MCC’s $395 million compact with the country, assisted in the rehabilitation of municipal water and sewage systems providing clean and sustainable water supplies in rural areas.

  • MCG (MCA-Georgia) Closeout: Regional Infrastructure Development

    As part of MCC’s $395 million Georgia Compact, the Regional Infrastructure Development Project provided assistance to small and medium sized enterprises within the agribusiness and tourism industries, creating jobs and introducing best practices.

  • MCG (MCA-Georgia) Closeout: Samtskhe-Javakheti Road Rehabilitation

    The Samtskhe-Javakheti Road Rehabilitation project, aimed at constructing 224 kilometers of strategically and economically important roads, connects the poorest region of Georgia to the capital city.

  • MCG (MCA-Georgia) Closeout: President Mikheil Saakashvili

    Mr. Patricof and I have come to Tbilisi to mark the completion of a 5-year program. MCC has closed only three compacts in its short history and I am proud to say that the Georgia compact will be remembered for its remarkable achievements, and for how it has dem

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