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  • MCC at 17

    On Jan. 23 MCC turned 17. We thought we'd take a minute to highlight some of the work we've accomplished with our country partners worldwide.

  • El Salvador Investment Compact Education and Training

    Watch MCC’s El Salvador Investment Compact and how the compact’s work in education and training has impacted the beneficiaries.

  • Tech & Vocational Training in Georgia

    Nearly 2,000 students so far have benefited from the MCC-funded overhaul to Georgia’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system.

  • STEM Higher Education in Georgia

    Following a competitive selection process, San Diego State University and three Georgian public universities are partnering to deliver bachelor’s degrees that will provide Georgian students with increased employment opportunities.

  • Improving General Education in Georgia

    The Georgia Compact II is helping to improve and modernize the quality of general education by rehabilitating schools, training educators and school directors, and supporting education assessments.

  • MCC and U.S. Department of State Sign an Agreement on Women in Science Camps

    MCC Acting CEO Brock Bierman signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of State to increase participation in Women in Science camps.

  • 2018 Women in Science Camp: What will the girls learn?

    Sonia Shahrigian, MCC Deputy Resident Country Director for Georgia, explains that the girls attending the 2018 Women in Science Camp in Tbilisi, Georgia will explore new technologies, use sophisticated lab equipment, program robots and learn to code websites.

  • 2018 Women in Science Camp: Partnerships and Preparation

    MCC’s Jenner Edelman discusses MCC's partnership with Microsoft, Google and Intel to develop a modern, engaging, STEAM-focused curriculum for the girls attending the 2018 Women in Science Camp in Tbilisi, Georgia.

  • Learn More about MCC’s Georgia Compact II

    MCC Resident Country Director Jenner Edelman gives an overview of MCC's Georgia Compact II which is designed to increase the earning potential of Georgians through improvements in the quality of education in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

  • Learn More About MCC's Guatemala Threshold Program

    John Wingle, MCC Country Director for Guatemala, gives an overview of the threshold program designed to improve the quality of secondary education to prepare Guatemalans for the job market, improve tax and customs administration and attract private investment.

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