Evaluation Briefs

MCC Evaluation Briefs summarize the key results and learning from MCC’s independent evaluations in a user-friendly, four-page document. They distill key findings and lessons in an accessible way while also pointing to MCC’s publicly available information about our investments. Evaluation Briefs are co-produced by the independent evaluator and MCC’s Monitoring and Evaluation division, maintaining MCC’s commitment to objective, independent reporting on program results. Each Evaluation Brief includes a program overview, key findings, evaluation questions, detailed findings, MCC learning, and evaluation methods.

  • Improving Irrigation and Land Rights in Senegal

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the final results of a project from MCC’s Senegal Compact that aimed to improve the productivity of the agricultural sector in certain agricultural-dependent areas of northern Senegal.

  • Promoting sustainable rangeland management in Mongolia

    A yurt, a circular tent structure, sits near a herd of animals.

    Learn the results of an activity from MCC’s Mongolia Compact that provided exclusive-use land leases, wells and training in peri-urban areas to improve rangeland management, alleviate overgrazing, and increase herder household incomes.

  • Improving irrigation and land tenure in Burkina Faso

    Woman harvesting onions on the Di Perimeter

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results from MCC’s Agriculture Development Project in Burkina Faso that aimed to improve agricultural productivity, rural incomes, and land tenure security.

  • Improving Power Quality and Reliability in Malawi

    Workers on power equipment in Malawi

    Read this Evaluation Brief for final results of the Infrastructure Development Project, which aimed to improve the availability, reliability, and quality of power supply; reduce costs of doing business; and increase value-added production in Malawi.

  • Titling to Raise Land Value and Cut Conflict in Mongolia

    A dirt road in Mongolia with houses on either side.

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the interim results of a program from MCC’s Mongolia Compact that aimed to provide land titles in informal settlements to increase tenure, investment, credit, and land value.

  • Facilitating Land and Property Markets in Mongolia

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of a project from MCC’s Mongolia Compact that aimed to improve the national property registration system through decentralization and infrastructure upgrades, organizational capacity building, and policy reform.

  • Improving Resource Allocation in Ghana Through Land Titling

    An overhead view of a small village in Ghana

    Read this Brief to learn about the results of MCC’s Land Tenure Facilitation Activity in Ghana, which aimed to strengthen tenure security, investment, and resource allocation through systematic provision of land titles in the Afuwu-Effutu-Senya District.

  • Upgrading STEM Education at Universities in Georgia

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of a project from MCC’s Georgia II Compact that aimed to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) university education.

  • Improving Roads to Reduce Transportation Costs in Mongolia

    A van drives on a Mongolian road, passing a sign with information about the Mongolia Compact.

    Learn the results of a project from MCC’s Mongolia Compact that aimed to reduce transportation costs along sections of the critical North-South (N-S) road corridor traversing Mongolia from its border with Russia in the north to China in the south.

  • Improving Transportation Networks in Cabo Verde

    Cars and people use a road near the fishing village of Porto Rincão.

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of MCC’s Cabo Verde Compact, which aimed to increase integration and reduce transportation costs by rehabilitating three roads on Santiago Island and four bridges on Santo Antão Island.

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