Evaluation Briefs

MCC Evaluation Briefs summarize the key results and learning from MCC’s independent evaluations in a user-friendly, four-page document. They distill key findings and lessons in an accessible way while also pointing to MCC’s publicly available information about our investments. Evaluation Briefs are co-produced by the independent evaluator and MCC’s Monitoring and Evaluation division, maintaining MCC’s commitment to objective, independent reporting on program results. Each Evaluation Brief includes a program overview, key findings, evaluation questions, detailed findings, MCC learning, and evaluation methods.

  • Supporting Electricity Sector Regulatory Reform in Ghana

    A bird’s eye view of an electrical substation, surrounded by power lines.

    Learn the final results of the Regulatory Strengthening and Capacity Building Project from MCC’s Ghana Power Compact, which aims to promote sustainability, transparency, and accountability in the electricity sector by supporting regulatory reform.

  • Reforming the electricity sector in Sierra Leone

    A large power generator against a grey, cloudy sky.

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn about the interim results from MCC’s Sierra Leone Threshold Program that aimed to overcome institutional weaknesses and strengthen regulatory systems to increase access to reliable, affordable electricity in greater Freetown.

  • Improving Power Quality and Reliability in Malawi

    Workers on power equipment in Malawi

    Read this Evaluation Brief for final results of the Infrastructure Development Project, which aimed to improve the availability, reliability, and quality of power supply; reduce costs of doing business; and increase value-added production in Malawi.

  • Increasing Access to Electricity in Liberia

    A drone image of the rehabilitated Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant.

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of a project from MCC’s Liberia Compact that aims to improve access to reliable and affordable electricity.

  • Pursuing Green Growth Through Off-Grid Energy in Indonesia

    An off-grid renewable energy asset funded by MCC’s Indonesia Compact

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of a project from MCC’s Indonesia Compact that provided grants for community-owned off-grid renewable energy infrastructure to promote low-carbon economic growth.

  • Reforming the Power Sector in Malawi

    ESCOM staff demonstrate the compact supported supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for monitoring and controlling the transmission grid in Blantyre, Malawi.

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of the power sector reform project, which aimed to create an environment for future power sector expansion by strengthening sector institutions and enhancing regulation and governance of the sector.

  • Promoting On-Grid Renewable Energy in Indonesia

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results from MCC Indonesia Green Prosperity Project’s efforts to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels by increasing the production of renewable energy.

  • Fostering sustainability in Malawi’s electricity sector

    Read this Evaluation Brief to find out the results of an MCC Malawi Compact designed to address financial, operational, and governance challenges among power sector institutions.

  • Promoting Green Growth with Grants in Indonesia

    Read this Evaluation Brief to learn the results of an MCC Indonesia Compact project that intended to increase productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and improving land use practices and Natural Resource Management.

  • Providing Off-Grid Electricity in Rural El Salvador

    Brick house with a solar panel set up in front

    Learn the results of a project from MCC’s El Salvador Compact that provided solar electricity in remote communities, thereby reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

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